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PandaGoFace July 18th, 2016 15:20:40

Question about being a gopher
<insert formal greeting here>
I have a quick question about being a gohper.
I want to be a gohper at the upcoming 2016 abunai event, but cannot attend the full 3 days, or 2 for that matter. I can only be present on sunday, but still want to help out. Where ever I looked, I was unable to find information about this matter. Now the question is: can I actually be a gopher if i can't even make it to 2 days of the event?
Thanks in advance to whomever answers this for me.

sanitair June 29th, 2017 18:37:57

Re: Question about being a gopher
Ik wil hetzelfde vragen. Ik wil een gopher zijn zoals jij.

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