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Desert Thunder February 27th, 2006 07:20:41

Re: Cutie Honey?
Is there any chance that a fansubbed copy of GAINAX's 3-episode OVA series Re: Cutie Honey could be aired as part of the con's video programme? It's a brilliant homage to '70s animation, with bright colours and explosions aplenty (not to mention the rampant fanservice!), and I think it'd make ideal con viewing because while the series is best as a 3-part experience, episode 1 works as a stand-alone piece as well. Granted, the excessive nudity could turn out to be a bit of a problem... I'm not entirely sure of what exactly the con's stance on adult content in videos is, but even though there is a great deal of nudity there isn't really any sexual content, implicit or explicit.

TOEI owns the rights to the series in Japan, and while it hasn't been officially licensed for DVD release outside of Asia, it was shown at the Future Film Festival in Italy on January 20, 2005. Not sure if any of that information helps, but I figured I'd put it there just in case.

For further reference, here are a few related links:
TOEI Video Re: Cutie Honey page
Cutey Honey fanpage
AnimeNfo entry for the series
Cutey Honey Wikipedia entry
GAINAX Pages entry for the OVA

Well, how 'bout it? :D

dark February 27th, 2006 17:26:01

you're hentai :shock:

but nothing's wrong with that :twisted:

Kanako February 27th, 2006 19:27:53

Re: Cutie Honey has been shown on a number of occasions I think....

and it's really not that ecchi and not in the least Hentai. I know a lot of others *cough cough Eiken cough cough* that are a lot worse. The Cutie Honey franchise is known for the fact that the female cast has HUGE.... tracks o' land and are shown in.... awkward position. but not it's not Hentai ^^

Aniway, I've poke-ed the necesarry people for it.

Desert Thunder February 27th, 2006 20:08:47


Originally Posted by Kanako
it's really not that ecchi and not in the least Hentai.

Well, I noted that it isn't hentai, but it still has Penis-Man. :)

Edit - And kudos on the Monty Python reference :P

Reax February 27th, 2006 20:33:00

i'll see what i can do. The ecchi part isnt the problem, but getting permission is.

If we are allowed to show it tho', it probably will be later on the day.

The added info is a great help for us by the way. Saves us time checking :).

Desert Thunder February 27th, 2006 20:38:57

You're welcome. I tried to gather as many helpful links as I could, but unfortunately I couldn't find anything with relevant licensing information beyond the fact that it was shown in Italy :?

Reax February 27th, 2006 20:44:44

nor do I. Anyhow, we'll see what we can do but don't expect too much from it (which we can say to every request ^_^)

miszou February 28th, 2006 01:34:22

lol, kanako just saw it a few days back and is already qutoing from it :] the qoting power is strong in that movie >< but then again it has so many good quotes O_O

cutie honey LA is wel grappig, iig mooi kostuums, lekker flashy (met kleuren en met de rest, you know ;) )

iig valt het ecchi gehalte wel mee opzich. vooral de karaoke scene is geniaal denk ik.

-edit by miraizou-

translation :-p:
Cutie honey LA is kinda funny, nice costumes anyway, nice and flashy (with colours and the rest, you know ;))

The ecchi part isn't present too much aniway, especially the karaoke scene is ingenious I think.


Desert Thunder February 28th, 2006 01:49:14

Umm... In English, please? :?

cresentdragon February 28th, 2006 04:12:17

whahaha you would atleast think staff members would remember to post in english :P
and cutie honey live action was so horrible that is became extremely funny XD

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