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Default Re: AMV Compo Rules + FAQ + Q&A [SIGNUPS CLOSED]

Maybe you will be baaaaaaaa ack again XD next year.

Originally Posted by Charming Ice View Post
Here's my (probably last) AMV, enjoy!

Looking back... I've had some great years actually.

Sure, CyCLONE ended 11th place... but I'm satisfied, so many (new) great editor out there!
Okay, right now I'm making excuses, because I kinda sucked at Abunai. Yeah... I'll shut up, that would be wise.
AMV contests Highlights:
Tsunacon 2009 AMV Ef A Tale of Memories 6th place
Animecon 2009 AMV Time Through the anime World 6th place Editors Choice Award.
Chibicon 2009 AMV Fall Apart 5th place
Abunaicon 2009 AMV various Beautiful World 4th place.
Tsunacon 2010 AMV Sensitive Sky 7th Place Best OVERALL.
Yaoicon 2010 AMV 11eyes, Shakugan no Shana Flame Haze VS Demons 2nd place
Animecon 2010 AMV Clannad-on Not for Sale 5th place.
Chibicon 2010 AMV Fight for your friends 3rd place.
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