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Exclamation Cosplay Fashion Show Rules + Q&A [SIGN-UP FULL!]

These are the rules, signups ARE OPEN!

Cosplay Fashion Show


  • You have to sign up for the fashion show using the application template. Check the FAQ in the next post on how to sign-up.
  • You can sign up until the 30th of Juli 2012.
  • All required audio-visual material has to be send to us before the 13th of August 2012.
  • Costumes must relate to Japanese games, anime, manga or culture.
  • Each 'act' may consist out max. five (5) people. (there is 1 prize, groups have to share the prize)
  • Each 'act' needs to supply their own music (no music means we pick something).
  • Each 'act' needs to supply reference material of their costume in the form of images.
  • All cosplays have to be self made. This may be by yourself, or someone you personally know. If not by yourself, the person who made the costume has to be referenced and also attending the convention and be present (if able) at the compo. The costume may not have been bought in it's entirety but attributes like shoes, wigs and props are allowed.
  • There is a limited amount of places available. this is on a first-come-first-serve basis. there will be a waiting list in case any drop out of the competition.
  • The exact number of possible participants is yet to be determined.

Audio/visual material:
Images (reference material)
  • Reference images are original artwork pictures showing the costume you based your cosplay on. This can be a screenshot from an Anime episode, Game or Fanart image. You have to supply a minimum of 1 (one) image, but more is better.
  • The following file types are accepted: PNG, JPG, GIF.
  • We donít accept other file types like TIFF, PSD, TGA and other exotic formats.
  • The resolution of the image should fit the minimum of 640x480. (this means, at least either the width or height should have the minimum of 640 or 480 pixels).
  • The images will be reworked to be shown on screen during the compo.

  • For audio you can use one of the following formats: MP3 (min. 128bit), WMA, MP4, AAC.
  • We donít accept other file types like FLAC and other exotic formats.
  • The music files that are supplied need to have been pre-cut at the start. this means: no 'start file at time index X'. The music file will be played from the beginning of the file.
  • If you need help on the above points, notify us in time.
  • Youtube does not provide high enough quality material so is not allowed as a source.

The performance:
  • The safety of the audience, staff, and other participants must not be compromised. To this end, pyrotechnics and fireworks or any other methods of creating or causing a naked flame or explosion are not permitted; nor anything that may make the stage slippery or sticky that cannot be quickly removed.
  • Energetic performances involving e.g. running or martial arts displays will require further assurance regarding the skills of the performers, and we reserve the right the interrupt performances for safety reasons.

The rehearsal:
  • It is mandatory to be present at the rehearsal, you will be disqualified if you arenít there or late. The rehearsal times will be made know to the selected groups. If you know up front you are unable to attend or will be late, please send us an e-mail with the reason. If the reason is deemed valid enough you may be exempt from this rule.
  • The rehearsal is not for you to practice your act, rather for you to get used to the stage, and also for the staff to make sure the sounds and lights are working correctly for the show and practice the technical cues.
  • We will not accept new audio-visual materials or requests during the rehearsals.
  • Acts with inappropriate language, nudity or intensive violence will be rejected without question.

The competition:
  • By participating in this competition you give us the right to record your act, which will be put online on our website and used for promotional purposes, all rights reserved to us.
  • If you want your act to be filmed by anyone else besides our camera crew, you can request this through e-mail minimally a week before the convention.
  • There will be a short break (approximately 60 minutes, for lunch and just spare time) between the rehearsal and the actual show. All group members must be present (backstage) 10 minutes before the start of the show.
  • For problems or questions during the rehearsal or show go to either Peter/Arjan (tech) or Bram (stage) before the show (during rehearsal and the break), or the Super Gopher backstage during the show.
  • The order in which acts are set will be decided by the staff and is not open for discussion.
  • Judging results are final and are not open for discussion.

(these rules are subject to change)
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