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Exclamation Cosplay Rehearsal info

As promised i sent everyone an email with the times of the rehearsal.

In case someone doesnt read their mail but does read the forums, here they are aswell:

Friday: Cosplay Fashion Show - Rehearsal starts at 19.00 hours
Saturday: Cosplay Act and Dance Compo - Rehearsal starts at 12.00 hours

- You have to attend the rehearsal otherwise your spot in the show if forfeit
- Bring all your props, costumes and other things you need with you to the rehearsal.
- Bring any audio/video on either: USB Stick, CD (audio/data), external Harddrive. Clearly label the files by putting them in a folder with your act name, and clearly label cd's with your act name.
- If you are not able to attend the rehearsal, mail us with the reason why this is, and maybe we can work something out.
You will respect my authorethaaah!!!

is that a lagspike in your pants or are you happy to see me ?

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