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Post Dance Dance Revolution at Abunai! 2009 - Evaluation

Hi all,

As you may have noticed during the convention there was a new Dance Dance Revolution crew this year, and since this was our first time, we’re very curious as to how you have experienced the DDR setup this year. With this feedback post we hope to make the DDR experience even more enjoyable next year!

Our goal was to both please the casual and hardcore DDR players and letting them have a fun hangout spot to play a few songs in, as well as welcoming new players to the world of DDR .

To concretize the feedback from you we have some points we’re particularly interested in. Feel free to add other comments or questions as well!

The setup of the competitions wasn’t all too surprising for most of you. It was roughly the same as it was in other years. Our light and hard competitions had 18 participants and standard had 28 participants. We initially allowed 24 signups, but due to overwhelming interest in the standard competitions we allowed 6 more signup spots. Each competition had 9 rounds, each with a different song to play. We prepared the songs in advance, hoping to have logical progression difficulty-wise throughout the competition.
- How was the difficulty on the Light, Standard and Hard competitions?
- Was the information regarding the competitions clear enough? (starting times, the compo procedure, etc.)
- What do you think of the number of participants we allowed?

We held two workshops of 20-30 minutes on Saturday evening and two workshops on Sunday afternoon. The workshops consisted of 10-15 minutes of basic lessons and 10-15 minutes of practicing with some easy song. Afterwards players were allowed to freely play again, but only on beginner/light difficulty for the first hour.
We hosted the workshops with a crew of three people. One demonstrated in front of the rest of the group, to show how they’re supposed to step, one gave supporting instructions through the microphone, and one walked around to check if everyone was doing okay and gave feedback to the people that were struggling a little.
We had 5 pads, but we tried to encourage (with success!) the remaining people to step along as well.
- What did you think of the way we organized the workshops (10-15 mins of lessons, 10-15 mins of practice, switch and repeat, then one hour of beginner/light freeplay)?
- What did you think of the instructions I gave (through the mic)?
- What did you think of the idea of letting one person show everything in front of the group?
- What did you think of the idea of letting one person walk around and give the participants feedback?
- Should there be a signup list for the workshops next time? Why (not)?

This was the first time we attempted to host a freestyle demonstration. Unfortunately there were a lot of problems with the realization of our plans. The first demonstration had to be cancelled due to some problems, and the second one was a little chaotic due to poor planning and incorrect preparation from our side. We decided to let a group of freestylers just do their thing, so that we could at least reach our goal of showing you what freestyling is.
- Did you get a clear impression of what Freestyle DDR is?
- What did you think of the demonstration itself?
- Would you have liked the freestyle to be supported by somebody on the mic telling what the freestyler is doing?

We mostly let Player 1 pick songs. Before playing a song, players could choose a difficulty to play. During a song the two most wanted difficulties were chosen. Gophers had been instructed to keep an eye on people who kept hogging pads, so that everyone had a fair chance of playing.
- Did you get the feeling you could play often enough?
- What did you think of the difficulties that were played during freeplay? Did you think it was well balanced? Or maybe too much of a difficulty that was too hard for you? Or the opposite?

A few of you probably have some feedback concerning the DDR hardware this year. There were a few problems concerning some pads, during freeplay and the competitions. We tried to address these as quickly as possible, and find temporary solutions during the competitions. We’re obviously already trying our best to get as many well working pads as possible. Unfortunately it’s really hard for us to find sponsors that want to help us out with pads and/or equipment. We’d like to thank Power2All for his generosity, he kindly let us borrow two pads for free! We’re doing our best to come up with solutions to have as many working pads as possible. Software-wise we were using the Sportgames software, which is Shodan's department. Even though this software works amazingly for conventions, maybe you have some suggestions for things that could be added/modified to the software.
- How do you think we’ve handled the hardware problems?
- Was the sound clear/loud enough?
- Was the screen high and big enough?
- Do you have any suggestions regarding the software?

DDR was in the same room as last year. We placed two large benches and a bunch of chairs for the supporters, and put our signup lists on the doors. The room was ventilated thanks to two large windows that were opened. They had to be closed at 9pm however due to the noise our setup makes.
- Did you feel like there was enough room to stand/sit as a supporter?
- Were the signup lists conveniently placed?

We’d like to thank everyone that came into the DDR room (either to play, watch or support). It’s really cool to see that DDR is still pretty damn popular, and it makes us happy that there are so many people interested in learning to play, there were so many enthusiastic people, it was amazing! It gives us the incentive to continue doing these kinds of events at conventions, to please both hardcore players and beginners alike.
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Default Re: Dance Dance Revolution at Abunai! 2009 - Evaluation

I really liked the Stepmania mod you used

But one thing for next time:
Put some other packs in like Rynker's Hard Techno Pack or something,
it gives a bit more variation.
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Default Re: Dance Dance Revolution at Abunai! 2009 - Evaluation

Originally Posted by Racing Dutch View Post
I really liked the Stepmania mod you used

But one thing for next time:
Put some other packs in like Rynker's Hard Techno Pack or something,
it gives a bit more variation.

Heh, it's a mod yes, but it's a commercial product, and is only provided for Abunaicon and Animecon from what I know.
Sofar my setup has been requested at Chibicon, FACTS, Tsunacon and in the international cons as well.
Sofar I got WipeOut 1, 2, 3 and 4, a hardstyle pack (with gabber songs too) and ofcourse all anime packs and such.
Although not all songs are that well done, I need to start filtering as well for playability and usefulness.
This is what Shodan also had done with WipeOut: he filtered out the only ones he could use.

Setup was enough for people I think.
The room is indeed a little on the small size, but that was at the moment not changable I guess.
As for the gameplay, Shodan knows how to configure the pads properly on the machine, so no worries
Medium compo was won by me, just because they played songs I already played #### of times at home

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Default Re: Dance Dance Revolution at Abunai! 2009 - Evaluation

I loved the DDR but the room was a little too small for all the audience and it was really hot in there
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Default Re: Dance Dance Revolution at Abunai! 2009 - Evaluation

I really loved the Sunday in the ddr room,
and missing out on the workshops -because I had my own event to do ;D- really sucked.
Playing ddr as crap as I can really encouraged me to practice more at home.
-for starters; buying a tv that hás tulip connectors-
Aww, and all the ddr-people are so nice!! (even though they smell so bad! ;D)

so to answer some questions;
imho, the screen was big enough, the sound was loud enough,
but there wasn't enough room to stand/sit as a supporter at some point. -It's just a small room, but so was every other event room imho : x... or, maybe the disco-room could be big enough?-
I didn't notice that gophers kept an eye on the pads to make sure everybody had a fair chance of playing, but I do feel that most of the players were mature enough to switch after 1 or 2 songs.
Still; playing on a ddr pad @ cons is the same as catching a train, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, and if you don't make it, catch another one at another time.

Good job
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