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Lightbulb Hosting Japanese console + LAN Party

So I have been hosting a region-modded Nintendo 64 with Japanese games last year, got some mixed feedback about the controllers because those were the Horipad Mini 64 controllers, but in overall it was a success and I'm still glad I gave it a try.

Question 1:
This year I want to host a Japanese Gamecube with 4 Gamecube controllers. Is there still room for one?? And is there a CRT (old television) available for this Gamecube?? Of course I'll bring some Japanese Gamecube games with me including Dairantou Smash Brothers DX (or Super Smash Bros. Melee). To be sure I'll make a full backup for if someone likes to be funny and trying to remove all the save data, easy to put everything back at least--

I'm getting a bit off-topic there, but yeah, I have a Japanese Gamecube here with a couple of Japanese games, is there room for hosting one??

Question 2:
Maybe a plan for next year, but I have quite an amount of Gamecubes over here, some Mario Kart Double Dash!! copies and 4 broadband adapters. Would you people like to see a full Gamecube LAN party going on in the future?? 4 players per Gamecube, that makes it a total of 16 players. Sadly I don't have 4 copies of Kirby Air Ride, that would have been interesting, but I do have the Legend of Zelda Four Swords Adventures (a European version and a Japanese version (that includes a Japan-exclusive mode that people might love to try out some day)).

For the Four Swords Adventures game, you're supposed to use a Gamecube as a host and 4 Gameboy Advance consoles with a Gameboy Advance-to-Gamecube adapter, but since I have 4 Gameboy Players as well, I thought it'd be nice to host this too! Like one big television in the background and 4 small televisions in front.

I'm still not sure if I'll bring all of this to a convention because it's not only a lot but also expensive, but I really want to give other gamers a chance to experience this. I'm sure a great amount of gamers out there still want to try this at least.

So to make a long story short: for next year, can I host 4, 5 Gamecubes on 4, 5 televisions??
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