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Default Abunaiticket 2009 for Sale!!!

My friend and I decided not to go to the Abunai Convention because of certain circumstances. So my friend, her sister and I want to try to sell our tickets.

We hope that we can make somebody else very happy with our tickets.
There are 2 tickets for the whole weekend, and 1 tickets for only Saturday.

I had to pay 36 for my ticket. So I want to sell it for the same price.

Please, contact me by email if you are interested:

It will be great if you can help us out.
Thank you!
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Default Re: Abunaiticket 2009 for Sale!!!

you can have the ticket transfered to another person. you may not ask for a different price than you paid for it yourself. because the ticket is bound to a person, you will have to arange the transfer of the ticket via us, but the payment between you two is on your own accord.
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