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Default Re: AMV Compo Rules + FAQ + Q&A [SIGNUPS CLOSED]

I was really excited about the amazing quality of AMVs on the competition, and the amount of new editors! =D It was an awesome compo and I enjoyed it very much!

Here's my video ^^

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Default Re: AMV Compo Rules + FAQ + Q&A [SIGNUPS CLOSED]

Hey all : )!!

It was nice seeing the amvs on the screen ! And yeah, alot of dubstep this year, but that is not a bad thing, because they were well edited to. I liked how they did the AMV competition this year, just play all 20, smooth, fast and credits at the end. So good job Abunai, I was pleasantly surprised.

I will do my best to comment on all amv submissions, If I can find them all atleast.

My amv:
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Default Re: AMV Compo Rules + FAQ + Q&A [SIGNUPS CLOSED]

I agree with Lis I liked how the AMVs were all played so smooth without any problems. I only thought the audio was way too loud, but maybe that's just me.

Anyway here is my AMV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oq6RwoGnKI
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Default Re: AMV Compo Rules + FAQ + Q&A [SIGNUPS CLOSED]

It was too loud for you because you are on the front row, people all the way in the back are also supposed to hear it.

My compliments to abunai's organization, very smooth, sound was very good. Really happy that you're also supporting 1080p now!

my AMV:

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Default Re: AMV Compo Rules + FAQ + Q&A [SIGNUPS CLOSED]

Okay i made an account just for this haha. All the AMVs were amazing this year! It was surprising mine got through.

I noticed on the big screen my timing wasn't that great at the ending, but I guess that's what you get when you rush. I'll start sooner next year!

If anyone got any pointers or critique or something, please tell me!
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Default Re: AMV Compo Rules + FAQ + Q&A [SIGNUPS CLOSED]

Seeing everyone posting a link makes me want to do it too aha, I'll just leave this here, ^^

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Default Re: AMV Compo Rules + FAQ + Q&A [SIGNUPS CLOSED]


My final Entry of Abunai! this year. I wish all the new generation AMV editors the best in the Future. My journey of the AMV contest of Abunai! ends here.
AMV contests Highlights:
Tsunacon 2009 AMV Ef A Tale of Memories 6th place
Animecon 2009 AMV Time Through the anime World 6th place Editors Choice Award.
Chibicon 2009 AMV Fall Apart 5th place
Abunaicon 2009 AMV various Beautiful World 4th place.
Tsunacon 2010 AMV Sensitive Sky 7th Place Best OVERALL.
Yaoicon 2010 AMV 11eyes, Shakugan no Shana Flame Haze VS Demons 2nd place
Animecon 2010 AMV Clannad-on Not for Sale 5th place.
Chibicon 2010 AMV Fight for your friends 3rd place.
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Default Re: AMV Compo Rules + FAQ + Q&A [SIGNUPS CLOSED]

Wow, really, it's too bad I couln't be there at the compo yesterday, all the AMVs look so amazing! Oh well, nothing to do about it, enjoying them on smaller screen as well

As for my AMV:
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Charming Ice
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Default Re: AMV Compo Rules + FAQ + Q&A [SIGNUPS CLOSED]

I'm now rendering the YouTube version... I'll upload my (probably last*) AMV tomorrow.

*Due to serveral reasons, I'm also thinking about ending my AMV hobby.
I'll keep editing for fun, but competition videos take so much time, and I no longer have it.
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Default Re: AMV Compo Rules + FAQ + Q&A [SIGNUPS CLOSED]

I'm still uploading it to Youtube, it says 28 minutes remaining now. So you'll probably see it tomorrow ^^


Thanks all for the amazing compo, both to the other editors (whom made awesome AMVs) and to Abunai (and ofcourse Saniiro in special).
I thought the sound was good, loud in the front. But that's to get it right in the back as well. The fact that active sampling was used is also good.

And to those that complain that they should buy more equipment (speakers and such) to get better sound.. Well, that's kinda the restriction of the location. Overall, with the current equipment used, it was awesome sound. AND! No flaws in the showing of AMVs (video or audio).

Another congrats to the winners (3rd place also awesome) and a small question, why doesn't the 3rd place get a mention? A prize wasn't needed, but just a mention (which takes.. 1 to 2 minutes) would always be great ^^

And to our last time editors.. Whyyyyy???!! We will miss you :{
Won't you just make like.. 1 AMV a year maybe?

To close this post, I don't know which contest I'll join next.. But I'm pretty sure that I (actually we, Bacon and me :3) will certainly be present at Abunaicon 2014! ^^
Me gusta neko! =D
<Don't mind me, I'm crazy>

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