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Default Axe Prop

I want to make a axe for a cosplay.
I currently have a 1500mmx28mm broomstick for the haft and want to make the axe-blade 300mmx200mm out of scrap wood held together and made pretty by Polyesterplamuur. I am however unsure if this would be considered too big and clunky for safety reasons.
I am intending to strap a tube to my back so I can hang it on my back to reduce chances of hitting or hindering anyone while walking.

Would this be too big or should this be fine?
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Default Re: Axe Prop

Considering the length of your axe is under 2 metres I think you should be fine. However, as I am not part of staff I cannot say for sure if your prop is indeed too bulky. Do keep in mind that you might not be allowed to take your props into certain areas for safety measures

Make sure there are no sharp edges to your axe though! As long as there are no sharp edges the blade should be fine ^^ Good luck!
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Default Re: Axe Prop

Hello Tritium,

As far as I can see there are no problems with your prop.(max height is 2000mm)
Just a few things to keep in mind:
- When entering the convention for the first time, you should go to the prop check station immediatly.
- The axe can look sharp but must be dull.
- You cannot swing your prop around on the convention or you need to do it for you Compo.
- You can pose with it, but keep it on your body as you walk, so not to disturb other people.

On a side node. Do keep in mind that the axe falls under the Class 4 of the Dutch weapon law and that you are not permitted to walk with it on the streets. So conceal it well

Best regards,
Steward Manager
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