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Default Maneki Neko Workshop

Will this workshop really last from 10h till 14h? Or are there various 'rounds' to be done..?

First time going to Abunai this year! :c And I'm all alone.
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Default Re: Maneki Neko Workshop

it's free entrance during those times to participate. so you can join in anywhere during the opening hours and stay for as long as you need to make whatever you wanted to make. it's not a workshop that takes the whole 4 hours. you just walk in and walk back out ;-]
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Default Re: Maneki Neko Workshop

Exactly. Most likely, a lot of people will be there at 10am because they want to get started early, so it might be wise to visit the workshop a little later when it's less busy... - there will be an explanation at the start of the workshop about its intention, along with some instructions to help people along their way.. however those instructions will be repeated several times during the workshop, and are also available on handouts.. and of course there are people present who can answer any questions you might have =3

See you at abunai
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