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Default Re: BEMANI games feedback

I totally hated the fact that we couldn't preview DJT. >: (

And I still like my KOC's better. But I'm getting used to those ASC styled controllers. :')

But yea, who am I? My opinion won't (and shouldn't) count. ;P

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Default Re: BEMANI games feedback

Originally Posted by Jake R View Post
I think one of the problems related to sound was that the two games you mentioned were within 5 meters of eachother... and in the same range Rock Band was. Obviously, that gives trouble. I guess that'll have to be prevented next year.
That was not the main problem with noise. I couldn't even hear both setups more than a meter from the TV, so they did not really cause too much noise for each other. The biggest problem is a giant room filled with people and sounds, so the back ground noise is immense. We need noise shields/filters close to the setups xD Even with pop'n music I could not hear Rock band, just the back ground noise :3

I like the earphone idea for pop 'n and IIDX. It should be possible to use both, but not sure how easy and what extra equipment is needed.
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