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Originally Posted by belsammael
The Abunai theme of 2008 was revealed at the ending ceremony and will be "spirits" =3

Looking forward to that cosplay, Tom.
yes its a cosplay i always wanted to do. i'm also gonna do a Stargate wraith cosplay if everything goes well but first my Vegeta cosplay
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Originally Posted by haruno sakura
Ah yes, the Furuba group!
Ah, right, that one too. Cosplay plans have been set. XD
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hmmm....android 18 from DBZ this time with wig *magaged to mess it up before Abunai this year*

other then that I don't know yet 0_o; I've got more cons to go to then cosplays I have in mind.

Maybe Songstress Rikku or Gunner Paine....maybe both XD I'll have 3 cosplays then so...yup those will be my cosplays for Abunai 2008 ^^
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Originally Posted by Kagemaru
Ah, bugger, of course! XD

*nervous cough*

Then my cosplay will be Fujiwara no Sai from Hikaru no Go (after being inspired by the Sai who visited this year's Abunai XD) and Silva from Shaman King. The latter is probably gonna be a heap o' trouble, but hey, got enough time for that. ^__^
I'll probably do my Kamina again, but I've also been thinking to do Hikaru for about one day. It was the first cosplay I intended to do back when I first started, so I kind of feel like doing it now. XD
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I think I'll do something suitable with next year's theme. A shinigami from Bleach is too obvious as shinigami are spirits anyway. I might do shinigami during the day as easy cosplay

Anyway, as long as I don't have a car, it's gonna be portable :P
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Well... Since I've been announcing it to the world for a million times and yet haven't done it, My plans will be:

Akabane Kuroudo [Will finish >_<]
Faust VIII [Must do O_O]
Riza Hawkeye [Revised, and yes, with the puppy]
Esther Blanchett [Yes, will do this one to.]

And two of those will be at A-Con, two of them at Abunai. Or maybe I'll recycle and stuff. Whatever. Point is, lots of stuff to do.

And yes Titi, I will be a nun and not burn in the outfit.
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Demyx - Organization XIII - Kingdom Hearts (again since he kinda is a spirit right?)
Will see around for some other characters since I don't wanna do Demyx the whole weekend this time XD
Abunai 2007: Demyx
AnimeCon 2008: Demyx, Nobu, Dancer Nobody
Abunai 2008: Demyx, Jubei, ??
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Next year I want to SLEEP in a cosplay... you can guess wich one that'll be x3

andand, I'd love to finish my Yondaime for next year :3
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i am planning to make my own cosplay next year, a neko of death/grimm reaper neko. funny thing was i was already thinking of it and i did not know the theme yet xP. he kyou maybe a battle skit between us? just kidding lol.
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Our group is still thinking. We were planning on groupcosplaying Gesoumaden Saiyuki, Naruto (We've already decided on that a little, since I'm dying to do an Asuma cosplay) and our favorite characters from all the Ghibli movies.
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