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Default Re: Gamesroom feedback 2008

+ The room didn't smell (my nose is grateful) <3~
+ You could actually walk in between the games.
+ Variety of consoles

- Could've used some more party and multiplayer games
- SSBB only on one day
- It was a bit of a bother walking around to put away small bags every time you wanted to go to the game room. Maybe it could be an idea to have a drop off point for small bags near the game room? Or some cloak room closer? (I know there was on the last day and about the unguarded ones, but most people had small bags containing camera's and such)
- The handheld corner wasn't really used, perhaps it could be an idea to do that in a small seperate room/corner all together? After all, people will probably want to bring a little bag with their games along, which wasn't possible in the game room.
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Default Re: Gamesroom feedback 2008

Originally Posted by jarlino View Post
- Gamesroom could've used more 2D fighting games. Marvel vs Capcom was nice, but could've done with more unlocks.
Mostly my main beef with the gameroom, as well. Seriously, something simple like Street Fighter II at the very least for us old school fighting geeks can't be too much to ask... And it feels kind of silly to put down one of the most brilliant 2D fighters ever if only 20 out of 53 characters've been unlocked.

Apart from that there aren't really any complaints from me tho'... it felt a lot more roomy and less crowded than previous years, and apart from the oldschool fighting games the game selection was pretty good! (though the volume on Rockband could've been cranked up a bit)
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Default Re: Gamesroom feedback 2008

I'd have to agree with MeowXiao here on the screens. Timing issues that usually pop up when playing music/rhythm games on LCD screens were easier to tackle on these.

As for the room itself, there was a lot of space accompanied by great airconditioning. This was actually the first anime convention I've been to that had a gameroom that didn't make you break a sweat upon entrance
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Default Re: Gamesroom feedback 2008

Originally Posted by MeowXiao View Post

*Edit* Actually, the known "no bags"-policy, something which could use quite some improvement, be it a small space reserved for bags or locker system, whatever is possible of course ^^
i can give u an awnser on that one cos i was the steward responsable during a lot of shifts in the game room
it actualy begun on fryday wich in my opinion where way to many bag ( they actualy got above the chair that was standing there for stewards to sit in) and ended as far as the projecter games table, wich where a lot of bags (and iam not talking about little bags that are 1 liter)

because of that i had to talk with the 2 gameroom staff members and they agreed with me that we are not a wardrobe where u can just dump ur bag for a hour and go gaming.
on top of that the stewards already are busy enough watching over the game room and such that they nearly have time to watch the bags that are left behind.

it might seem stupid to tell poeple to drop off there bag at the wardrobe but just imagion if there was a fire in the games room and all those poeple who left there bag at the entrence would get it, would be a major hold up for other poeple to get out
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Default Re: Gamesroom feedback 2008

I have to agree with some inmprovements since last year, especially the space and the fact that we had airco. The LCD tv's were great too
There were a few bad points though.
1. Not enough room during compo's. Maybe make that corner a bit bigger next time.
2. Some competitions were just to big. Brawl had to many competetors. Next time make sure you limit that or hold a team battle tournament.(idea for next year?)
3. Gophers did not knew much about the compo's. A lot of visitors had to ask me about compo's while I didn't have shift. Next time explaing properly maybe.
4. The pokemon compo also didn't went well. There was no clear rule about a draw and pokemon should be checked before the convention so that there won't be any mistakes.
5. Unlocked characters. Some people had to rush to unlock characters for some games. I know this happened because Gizmoxia didn't help you at the last moment but still.
6. Last one. A lot of people wanted to play brawl but they couldn't because another game was connected that almost no one played. More room for the popular games next time?

I offered Sagara my help for next year so that it might be organized a bit better

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Default Re: Gamesroom feedback 2008

Except for a few games which I believed did not belong in the Gameroom, it was a blast to be in there.

No offense ment but : Star Wars: Force unleashed or Wolfenstein ( if I remember the name correct) sorry but that aren not really games in my eyes which fit Abunai.

That are alot of "made in Japan" games which I missed.
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Default Re: Gamesroom feedback 2008


Chez mate >.< like Hogo and i asked on Abunai2k7

TEKKEN!!!!! :O

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Default Re: Gamesroom feedback 2008

Originally Posted by Henduluin View Post
I'd really love to see one or two PCs with Touhou on them next year.
As I've said before, they look really spectacular so they're really nice for people to watch if they can't play. Also the scoring system + the difficulty would make for some really interesting compos.

The games don't require expensive pcs either, in case you're worried about people stealing stuff. You can get them to run just fine on a pc in the same price-range as your average console.
Gotta agree here, while I would prefer a Touhou game as well, I kinda missed (bullet hell) scrolling shooters in general.
Also, there's a Touhou 2D fighting game named Immaterial and Missing Power which is amazingly fun to play (though might need a sheet with some notes on how-to-play - maybe an idea for all less-known games?).
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