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Default ProjectorGames Feedback

Loved it? Hated it? More Falldown? LESS Falldown? More gaybar?

Please, put your comments and feedback on ProjectorGames here, so we can improve it for you!
ProjectorGames - the biggest multiplayer games in the world - EVER.
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Default Re: ProjectorGames Feedback

more shooting down staffmembers at the airplain game thing like a few years back with naisunev ;-]
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Default Re: ProjectorGames Feedback

Awesome ^^ as many could play at the same time..

'Who's the dragon?'
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Just one word...

-Gwyndolium, the diddly daddly husky!
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Default Re: ProjectorGames Feedback

i always love to play ur games every year over and over,they never get boring xD

is there any option for me to get the airplane game? I'm totally addicted to it.
Autumn Of Mankind.
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Jake R
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Default Re: ProjectorGames Feedback

I didn't have time to join this year. All I had time for the entire weekend was play 3 songs on Rock Band (once on Friday, once on Saturday, once on Sunday), and even during those I got interrupted twice.

Ah well. At least I didn't play anything but ProjectorGames the previous 2 years... so this compensates.
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