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Default Re: Abunai 2014: DRAMAtical Murder Cosplay

Oke I am definitely cosplaying Aoba and my bf Ren. I also going to cosplay my own genderbender (female) version of Aoba. I dont know on which days I will do these cosplays exactly but I really like to take some pictures with you all. Even if it is just a quick selfie in the hallway.
WooHoo. . . . . . I am one happy owl
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Default Re: Abunai 2014: DRAMAtical Murder Cosplay

Update on Sei;
I'll only be Sei at the ball, and I'll be hanging around a 6'0" (180+ cm) levi with an Eren who'll probably end up crying before the end of the night for reasons I'm not gonna spoil (that person is also a Noiz, but I'm not sure she's gonna take it with her)
So feel free to poke me as Sei, I will be in an unofficial Ouji-like outfit, of which I'll make a photo of later, once it's done.

But on the meet I'll just wear whatever cosplay that I'm wearing and take off my wig as I've literally got Sei hair. ((does that mean I cosplay Sei 24/7?))

Does anybody think that Saturday 16.30 would be ok? because at the 17.00 mark there's barely anything to do apart from eating. (which we could all do anyway)
I'll like very year bring werewolves if we wanna play(Baseset only), but I can also make a DMMD deck out of it. if anyone would care? see spoiler below to see deck suggestions.
Werewolves: Bachelors (Koujaku, Ren, Noiz, Mink and Clear)
Civillians: Haga/Yoshie
Seer: Sei
Witch: Tae
Hunter: Toue
Cupid: Mizuki
Innocent Girl: Aoba (pfff)
(Thief: Alpha's)

Also, for those who would like it, I make DMMD Pins.
I can make any type of pins and I'll hand them out (for the price of 1 euro per piece) You can ask me to bring a specific one for you, but I'll definetaly take:
- Usagimodoki (Noiz' allmates, flat)
- Morphine (Simple)
- Scratch (without letters/Rainbow)
- Beni Shigure (bird/Beni only)
- Brain Nuts (without Letters)
- Ruff Rabbit (Simplified)
- Dry Juice. (the skull)
If any of you would like a specific pin, please tell me and I'll take them with me!
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Default Re: Abunai 2014: DRAMAtical Murder Cosplay

16:30 sounds like a plan, I'm pretty sure I can make it, with or without my friends xD
Anyways, I can finally confirm that I will cosplay Mink on saturday, just need to get the boots and fix the blouse~
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Default Re: Abunai 2014: DRAMAtical Murder Cosplay

So in the end I'll be going as fem!Clear in my own jellyfish drress design on Saturday The other days I'll be Shiri from Durarara!!
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Default Re: Abunai 2014: DRAMAtical Murder Cosplay

Any ideas as where to meet up?
I've only been to Abunai at Koningshof once before and am not very familiar with the surroundings ^^;
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Default Re: Abunai 2014: DRAMAtical Murder Cosplay

Hey guys! someone pointed me here from the Abunai FB, but I'm Lisa/Liliumite and I'll be cosplaying Koujaku during daytime at Saturday! probably slipping into something more comfortable around dinnertime (open chest binding man, it's not really comfy.)
I was thinking of changing around 5pm but I could probably push it to 6pm if we're meeting up at half past 4~ Would love to hang around with other DMMd cosplayers and maybe take some pics!
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