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Originally Posted by Niotex
As for the Naruto flaming. You have to realize that enspecialy for me, I see at least 10 video's like that coming by per day... I am not exadurating for me it is a real eyesore. It used to be the same with DBZ thus the reference. If I offended people again take it with a grain of salt. It dos not suck by default if its naruto but the fact that the majority of the video's are not that good aswell as the sheer number. I really dislike the combo for multiple aspects.

Actually on the international database Naruto actually hit the most used anime a month or 2 back...
Then I'll definetly going to prove you wrong at the next Abunai AMV-competition by submitting a kickass Naruto-AMV!

I do understand the eyesore if it comes to DivX-logo's, bad quality and seeing the subs appearing under the screen. That's just sloppy editing IMHO. And I also admit the Naruto-AMV's weren't that great this time. But I couldn't help noticing a certain bias because of that and the fact you've seen a lot of AMV's. 'Cause an anime like Naruto is quite good to make AMV's with. :3

I'm not the editing-expert (I was quite bad in it during editing-classes ^^;; )but one comment about the Bleach-video. Awesome effects, style and flow. But all the random text, rounds, shapes and gizmo's was a little bit too much, and it distracted me from the actual story that the AMV was telling.
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Well, what I can say about the bleach AMV, is that it wasn't random text. The video (Called Bleach Technique Beat) is meant to showcase almost all attacks from bleach characters, with their names in front of the attack.

Btw, that one moviemaker vid, still amazed me xD
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its also an showoff on what you can reach with an music video. But in my op its certainly not the best video i have seen. it sure is a good video and it shows what you can reach with knowladge and hardwork.
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The Bleach video was just a "What can you do with other tools instead using windows video maker".
When I saw it the first time before Abunai started, it blew me away.
Thats why we asked Nio to make a small AMV Panel to explain some of these different tools, like Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects.
There are also easier to understand tools like Sony Vegas.

I am just a encoder that can make high quality end results, and that's technically all ^^

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The video was men to show what you can reach on a technical level. Rather then showing "the best", seeing as the best is different for everybody. And I figured that the best technical standard out there atm, along with one of the more popular anime's out there would sturr up some shit. Thus BTB was a good option IMO.

If you have any feedback on that video. Or just want to speak your mind about that particular video. I would suggest actually dropping the feedback on the video page. Which can be found in the banner under my post.

So in order to keep this topic on the contest itself rather then BTB. I would urge you guys to not drop comments on that video here.

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Myself seen enough AMV's to know a bit about what makes a good one. And some of the amv's in the compo surely would be a great addition to any compo. To bad the panel/instruction couldn't last a little longer. It got me back to the storyboard and avisynth wanting to finish some of the amv's i started on a long time ago and gave up.

(Ps. If u want naruto amv's and liked the bleach amv try Naruto TB. Same maker and a slightly bettter number 2-3 orso in the top 300)
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Originally Posted by Chibs
Ah, and who on earth planned the compo to be in vid room 3 at the beginning? O.O;
That would be the events committee. It was planned in a small room because it was not this populair last year, so there was no reason to assume it would be any different this year. We can't put every event in the big hall, there's simply not enough hours in the day. Be glad that we managed to move it to the big hall so everyone could see it
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i think they learned there lesson and from now on hold the event in the big room
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