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Jake R
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OR, the weather is really effing evil and nothing is possible due to too much rain and mud.
You make my cosplay, I'll wear it. Two rules: I won't break any rules to wear your cosplay, and I get half of any bet you win because of me. Who's up for it?
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Can you still submit? I guess I want to join too even though I'm not that good at sports...

*is secretly hoping that game will come where you three people carry one person and they have to take each others headband*
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Glod Glodsson
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Yes, you can still enter the competition, not all spots are filled (yet)

There is a chance this event will be cannceled due to bad weather, however we hope not
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Originally Posted by Glod Glodsson
There is a chance this event will be cannceled due to bad weather, however we hope not
When it rains, just give it a pokémon touch! *dresses up as a squirtle* maybe even a contest who can clean the mud from their costumes the fastest? :P
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