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Default What did you think of the workshops

Hi all,

I was wondering waht everyone thought of the workshops at Abunai.
Specifically the Mananiki Neko workshop, the cosplay workshop and the manga workshops.

You all did rate the Mananiki Neko workshop the highest at the con itself.


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I really liked this workshop. Although I was one of the gophers there making sure all the plates were filled, I did have time to make one for myself as well. Unfortunately mine didn't survive the hectic running around, sorry, uniflame. Don't kill me :-p

It was unfortunate that the first batch of Neko was burned. Although most of them still looked good brown, this wasn't supposed to happen. Maybe we were a little too exited and should have tested it first instead of after the first batch :-p. Fortunatly it was solved quite fast and the rest of Neko were good.

I really enjoyed my time at this workshop and I believe I wasn't the only one, seeing the many people who wanted to do this workshop and the many Neko which were made. I think this workshop is certainly something that should be held again :-)
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I agree with Miraizou. I only was at the neko workshop and it was sooo much fun! I too had to fill the plates with clay for others, but I didn't mind I like helping out It cost quite a bit of time to make mine, but it turned out ok, even if I can't clay XD All in all: it was a hell lot of fun and I think everybody will agree on me with this one (it wasn't graded highest for nothing) :P
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thanks to the people who helped me at the workshop!

And yeah it was a shame that the oven baked the first batch brown and crisp

If people want this workshop again next year, i'm happy to organise it once more.
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