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Classic ballroom music 46 77.97%
Anime related music 27 45.76%
Jazz 4 6.78%
Top 40 2 3.39%
Wrong songs (macarena, las ketchup song etc) 9 15.25%
Mixed Music 13 22.03%
The 80's/ 90's 7 11.86%
Other 5 8.47%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 59. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Re: Masked Ball Music Poll [OPEN]

I voted classic ballroom music..

But what i would really love would be zero no tsukaima theme music which includes some ballroom songs too or the wedding version of i say yes opening
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Default Re: Masked Ball Music Poll [OPEN]

Originally Posted by Anowil View Post
But what if the clock hits 12, and the magical pumpkin carriage vanishes?
Well I guess some parents will be angry.
After that frantic search for a place to stay.

And probably a whole lot of broken glass on the floor...
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Default Re: Masked Ball Music Poll [OPEN]

Originally Posted by Anowil View Post
But what if the clock hits 12, and the magical pumpkin carriage vanishes?
Well I guess some parents will be angry.
After that frantic search for a place to stay.

And probably a whole lot of broken glass on the floor...
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Default Re: Masked Ball Music Poll [OPEN]

I'm wondering though, will there be a dresscode? Or is having a mask enough?
Autumn Of Mankind.
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Default Re: Masked Ball Music Poll [OPEN]

Originally Posted by Akatsuki #1 View Post
I'm wondering though, will there be a dresscode? Or is having a mask enough?
Wouldn't be much of a masked ball if you didn't wear a mask now, would it? :P
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Default Re: Masked Ball Music Poll [OPEN]

Originally Posted by Anowil View Post
Wouldn't be much of a masked ball if you didn't wear a mask now, would it? :P
no shi*t , But since it's called a 'Ball'. I figured some proper outfit would be desirable..
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Default Re: Masked Ball Music Poll [OPEN]

Well at the events site it is called the Abunai Cosplay ball.

it does say it is a masked ball, but I think you can also just wear your cosplay.

But it would be nice to know if there is a dresscode.
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Default Re: Masked Ball Music Poll [OPEN]

as it stand now (but is subject to change) we will not enforce any dresscode.
You will respect my authorethaaah!!!

is that a lagspike in your pants or are you happy to see me ?
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Default Re: Masked Ball Music Poll [OPEN]

All right, first of all, amazing idea! Me and my fiancé dance for like 10 years or so, so we’re definitely in for this xD

I see a lot of people chose for Classic ballroom music… You know you can mix 'Top 40' music with classic music, right? Believe me, you don’t need dreadful dancing music, otherwise nobody will dance! And listening to old and dusty dance music the whole evening is just boring. Ballroom dancing is about living and feeling the music, even if it’s a Jive or a Rumba. To do that, you really have to have some good music; otherwise you wouldn’t be able to feel it in to your toes (well, for me that is xD)

But I would strongly recommend you to mix the songs, because there are people who want to have some swing in to the evening! Like me, for example

Like I’ve said, I’ve been dancing for 10 years or so and there is music available where the rithm is adjusted to for example a Waltz, or a Cha Cha. Also, a lot of modern Top 40 songs have a great beat for dancing to! Like Nick & Simion’s Rosanne is great for a Quick Step (Fox Strot)! But lively and a bit modern to

But I have some suggestions regarding some dance music (old and new):

Viennese Waltz:
Dark Waltz – Heyley Westenra
Harry Potter - Potter waltz
Doris Day - Whatever will be will be

English Waltz:
DC Lee - See the day
Ilse de Lange - If you had the heart
Commodores - Three times a lady

Bad boys – Alexandra Burke (modern)
Crazy little thing called love – Queen (older)
Candyman – Christina Aguileran (modern)
Alesha dixon - the boy does nothing (modern)

Shakira - Objection
The Proclaimers - I`m gonna be 500 miles
Cell block tango - Chicago
Ik hou van Holland – Heintje (yes, old and nostalgic xD)

Cha cha:
Alexandra Stan - Get back (top 40)
Alexis Jordan - Hush hush (top 40)
Geri Halliwell - It's rining men
David Bowie & Mick Jagger - Dancing in the street
Much Mambo Sway - Shaft
Pata Pata - Shikisha (nice beat) (older)
Let’s get Loud – Jennifer Lopez
Maria – Ricky Martin
Balaimos – Enrique Iglesias (nice song!)
Loco in Acapulco – Four Tops
I’m outta Love – Anastacia

Most pop songs have a good cha cha beat

Bumpy Ride - Mohombi
E O zumba E – King Africa
Ey macalena – Samba do Brasil (!)
Give it up – the Goodmen
Mas que nada – Black Eyed peas
Sor – Serdar Ortac
Hips don’t lie – Shakira
Temptation – Arash

3 Doors Down – Kryptonite
Dolly Dots - Love me just a little bit more
Alphabeat – Fascination
Andre Hazes - Uit mijn bol

Robbie Williams - Feel
Keizer en de Munnik: - Kijk me na
World of Hurt – Ilse de Lange
Backstreet Boys - Shape of my heart
NSYNC – I drive myself crazy thinking of you
One Republic – Apologize (!)
Vanesa Williams – Colors of the wind (Pocahontas)

If you look on http://www.danszone.nl/ you will find (down the page on the left) a list of all dances with some pages what kind of music you can use for them! New and old ones (although some songs don’t seem to fit the right dance)

So I think mixing it all up, would be the best idea, to keep everybody happy If you need someone to help out, even with dance steps or music, I’d love to help!

And sorry for my loooooooonggg story, but I've seen so many balls turn out to be a disappointment due to good music
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Default Re: Masked Ball Music Poll [OPEN]

Op verzoek van Saniiro-San, hierbij een muzieklijst (deel 1 van 2 vanwege de lengte ):

Orchestra Alec Medina - Come to me
Rouge - Hey Mr. DJ
Adele – Rolling in the deep
Amy Winehouse - Valerie
Mary & Gordy – Frau’n, Frau’n, Frau’n
Siesta Standard Orchestra - Bye, Bye Love
Siesta Standard Orchestra - When I Get Low, I Get High
Siesta Standard Orchestra - Billy-A-Dick
Siesta Standard Orchestra - Some Of These Days
Dance Project Orchestra - Oh, Lonesome Me
Pasadena Roof Orchestra - Sunday
Siesta Standard Orchestra - Hey, Good Looking
Siesta Standard Orchestra – I’m Through With Love
Dancing Ballroom Orchestra - Lovesong For Sally
Werner Tauber - Alligator Shoes
Werner Tauber - No Strings
Werner Tauber - Tap Dancin& Time
Johnny Mathis - On A Wonderful Day Like Today
Ethnic Song - Katjuscha
Schoufs Klein - Nah Neh nah
Dancing Ballroom Orchestra - I Need Your Love
P. Louis - Sing Sing Sing
D. Ellington J. Mills - It Don’t Mean A Thing
F. W. Meacham - American Patrol
Salter McDonald - When You Smile
Andersson Ulvaeus - Waterloo
Martin Charly - Buona Cera
Alma Cogan - Twenty Tiny Fingers
Souvenirs - Yes, Yes, Yes
Carter Kilgore - Ring of Fire
Gilbert Wrubel - Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
Menken Ashman - Friend Like Me
Music Unlimited - I May Be Wrong
Williams - Stars Wars Cantina Band
L . Pollak – That’s A Plenty

English Waltz/Slow Waltz
Stanly Brothers - Angel Band
Dancing Ballroom Orchestra - Goodnight Waltz
Kay Star - Rock and Roll Waltz
Andy Williams - The Song from Moulin Rouge
Anne Murray - Can I Have This Dance
Tom Jones - Funny Forgotten Familiar Feelings
Nat King Cole - Around The World
Olympic Standard Orchestra - Until It’s Time For You To Go
Olympic Standard Orchestra - My Cup Runneth Over
Olympic Standard Orchestra - Papillon
Lucille Starr – I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
Olympic Standard Orchestra - One Hand, One Heart
Jack Jones - Dear Heart
Bobby Day - Good Old Day
Nino Rota - The Godfather Waltz
Dancing Ballroom Orchestra – I’ll Bring You Flowers
H Melvin - If You Don’t Know Me By Now
Werner Tauber - When I Dream of You
Jerry Douglas - The Prisoner’s Waltz
Andy Williams - My Coloring Book
Julie London - Charade
Johnny Mathis - Moon River
D & C feat. Bodane - Unchained Melody
Max Gregor - Greensleeves
Andy Williams - Charade
Bruce Hornsley - Nobody There But Me
Engelbert Humperdinck - There Goes My Everything
Nat King Cole - Maria Elena
J John Barry Orchestra - Two Socks At Play
Bobby Goldsboro - Today
J Johnny Mathis - Foolish
Montovani - Moulin Rouge
Goya Matsuda - Moving On
E. Morricone, C. Nistri - Chi Mai
Steve Riley - Eunice Waltz
J. Massenet - Meditation aus Thais
Rockin Sidney - Alligator Waltz
K John Barry - Somewhere In Time
Geno Delafose - Day Waltz
New Down Beats Orchestra - Piano Concerto
D&C feat. Bodane - Nocturne
Nat King Cole - Noche de Ronda
Tom Jones - I Love You So (show composition)

Acoustic Alchemy - Nouveau Tango
Nat King Cole - El Choclo
Adiemus - African Tango
Fun Boy Three - The Tunnel Of Love
Mary & Gordy - Vom Festen Grundsatz Zum Lockeren Madchen
Stanley Black - Adios, Pampa Mia
The Tango Lesson - Milanga
Vicky Leandros - Tango D’Amor
Pablo Nuevo - Para Elisa
Alfred Hause - Popcorn
Casa Musica - Tango Para Catalina
Amber Couple - Tango
Chicago - Cell Block Tango
Clayderman - Clayderman Tango
Werner Muller – Hernando’s Hideaway
Max Greger - 2 Gitarren
Stanley Black - Ecstasy Tango
Traditional Italian Tango
Velazques - Consuelo - Torres - Besame Mucho
Billy Fury - Jealousy
Angel - La Foule
Hugo Diaz Trio - Miionga Que Peinan
Khanh Ly - Bai Tango Cho Em
Velazques - Consuelo - Tango Medley
Klaus Halen - Volvio Una Noche
Dancing Ballroom Orchestra - It Is A Tango
Latin Jam 6 - Dance With me remix
Hugo Strasser - Pariser Tango
Loreena McKennitt - Tango To Evora
Olympic Standard Orchestra - Ole Guapa
Olympic Standard Orchestra - Agatha
Montovani - Whatever Lola Wants
Olympic Standard Orchestra - Woman In Love
Dancing Ballroom Orchestra - Tango For Two
Lucha Gatica - Percal
Martin Charly - Tango Korupti
The Wiggles - Wags the Dog, He Like to Tango
Armik - Tango Flamenco
Rainhard Fendrich - Die Feinen Damen
Buddha Bar III - Tango Serenato de Schubert
Dance Project Orchestra - Auf Persischen Markt (Modern)
Mireille Mathieu - Der Pariser Tango (Show Composition)

JJ Cale - A Thing Going On
Mancini - Pink Panther
Connie Francis - I Will Wait For You
Connick - A Wink & a Smile
George Hamilton IV - Abilene
Henri Salvador - Petit fleur
Lecuona - Always in my Heart
Mercer - Accent U ate the Positive
Amber Couple - Fallen Leaves
Bert Kaemfert - Afrikaan Beat
Eric Burden & The Animals - The House of the Rising Sun
Frank Sinatra - New York, New York
Bert Kaemfert - Bye Bye Blues
Richeous Brothers - Unchained Melodies
Nat King Cole - More
R Newman - I Love to See You Smile
Sinead O’Connor - Why Don’t You Do Right
Dr. John - Such A Night
Henry Mancini - A summer Place
Sinead O’Connor - I Want To Be Loved By You
Henry Mancini - As Time Goes By (Casablanca)
Zone - Going To
Rubby Murray - Boy Meets Girl
Henry Mancini - Dream a Little Dream Of Me
Mancini - You and Me
Nat King Cole - Night Lights
Kenny Rogers - I Only Have Eyes For You
Doris Day - Cheek To Cheek
Kenny Rogers - It Had To Be You
Dancing Ballroom Orchestra - Heaven Can Do Without You
Jimmy Durante - As Time Goes By
Manhattan Transfer - Tuxedo Junction
Adriano Celentano - Soli
Beatles - Michelle
Floyd Cramer - Last Date
Dancing Ballroom Orchestra - Ecco la felicita
Dr. John - Makeme Whoopie
ABBA - I Do, I Do, I Do
Bert Kaemfert - Remember When
Pat Boone - Love Letters in the Sand
Dancing Ballroom Orchestra - Walking On A Sunday
Miller - String of Pearls
The Godfather – Corleone’s Theme
Vittorio - Der Liebling von allen
A M Orch. – There’s a Small Hotel
Silhouettes On the Shade - Rays
Bobby Darin – I’m Beginning To See The Light
Hank Williams Sr. - Hey Good Looking
Platters - Great Pretender
Nancy Sinatra - The Boots Are Made For Walking
Ray Noble - The Very Thought Of You
Berton’s Ballroom Orch. - Medley
Kenny G, Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World
Artie Shaw - Begin the Beguine
Kenny Rogers - You Send Me
Aaron Neville - Tell It Like It is
Bobby Darin - Call me Irresponsible
Mark Knopfler - Old Pigweed
The Penguins - Earth Angel
Mark Knoplfer - Quality Shoe

Charlotte Church - Call my name
Casa Musica - Cuentame
Azucar Morena - Ande yo caliente
Pedro Giraldez - La Ultima Noche
Alexia - Ti amo ti amo
Cal Tjader & Carmen McRae – Don’t you worry ‘bout a thing
Dancelife - Venus
Zucchero - Baila Morena
Santana - Corazon Espinado
R.Mitchell - Lovefool
Dinah Washington - Is you is or is you ain’t my baby
M. Sarralde - Cuando Sale La Tuna
Marc Anthony - I Need To Know
Daniela Romo - Todo, Todo, Todo
Natalia Oreiro - Basta de ti
Edith Marquez - Veneno en la piel
Perez Prado - Dilo
Giants of Latin - Chiquita bonita
Los Umbrellos - No tengo dinero
E.Wegewitz, W.Guldner – C’est ca
London - Hot
Giants of Latin - Bonito y sabroso
Perez Prado - La Borrachita
Marcela Morelo - Para toda la vida
Tito Puente - Cuban Pete
Johny Hates Jazz - Shattered Dreams
Latin Jam - You Got The Power
Tom Jones & Mousse T - Sex Bomb
J Caravello, T Esocovido - Me Myself & I
Santana - Corazon espinado
Latin Jam 6 - Bilando Boogaloo
Julio Iglesias - Gozar la vida
Mighty Dab Cats - Magic Carpet Ride
Los Umberellos - No Tengo Dinero
Jenifer Lopes – Let’s Get Loud
Alberto Ruiz - Tampico
Daniela Romo - Todo todo todo
Diego Diaz - Tea for Two Cha Cha
Lou Bega - Gentleman
Margarita 101 - Sous le Soleil
Matt Bianco - Buddy Love
Jessica Jay - Chilly Cha-cha
Touch And Go - So Hot (show composition)
Art Of Noise - Kiss
DJ NTT - Mercy
Jose Luis Rodriguez - Esta Mujer Me Mata
Lemon – Won’t You Join Me For A Drink
Mika – Rain (cha cha version)
Mirko Casadei - I Feel Good
No Mas La Banda - Yerba Buena
Peter Grant - The More I See You
Ray Gelato - Mambo Gelato
Senor Coconut - Smoke On The Water

Giants Of Latin - The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Racey - Runaround Sue
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Big Time Operator
Marckus Schoffl - Back in Town
Jumpin& Jivin& Dance Party - I Saw Her Standing There
The Brian Setzer Orchestra - Nosey Joe
Cecilia Noel - Give The Girl A Chance
Tim Tim - Sing A Long Song
Marco Da Silva - La Bamba
Lou Bega - Can I Tivo Tico You
Darling - Letkiss
Travis Tritt - Time to get crazy
Mr. Mio - Mahna Mahna
Felix & the Buzzcatz – She’s the queen
Gigi Mambo - Tu vuo fa l’americano
The Glan - Jack Is Black
Oceana - Pussycat on a leash
Mueller - Duck Tales Theme
V V Brown - L.O.V.E.
R. Mitchell - Hit The Rock Jack
DJ Bobo - Chihuahua Chihuahua
R. Mitchell - Rip It Up
Taj Mahal - Let the four winds blow
Touch And Go - Straight To ... Number One
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Crazy little things called love
Bianco - Get Out Of Your Lazy Bed
T. Grane - Choo Choo Ch’Boogie
R. Mitchell - Mexico
Bankroft - No More Heartaches
Feldhahn - I Got U+U Got Me
Blackwell Presley - All Shook Up
R. Mitchell - I Wanna Be Like You
The Latin Club - Love You Done Me Wrong
Brian Setzer - Jump Jive An Wail
Brian Setzer - Straight Up
Joe Jackson - He's Shape In A Drape
Miss Montreal – Just A Flirt
Lou Bega - I Got A Girl
Ray Gelato - If You Were The Only Girl
Sam and Dave - Sweet Soul Music
Swing Kids Band - Swing Rhapsody
ZAZ- Je veux

Jennifer Lopez - Could this be love
Alci Acosta - Tango Negro
Luciano Pereyra - Dispuesto a amarte
Chris Issac - Wicked Game
Markus Schoffl - Forever Love
Joe Cocker – N’oubliez jamais
International Latin - My Heart Will Go On
Anna Tatangelo - Lo so che finira
Chris Kenner - I Like It Like That
Celine Dion - Falling Into You
Teena Marie – I’m wishing on a star
Gloria Estefan – I’m Not Giving You Up
Tina Turner - Goldeneye
Christina Aguilera - Reflection
Juan Luis Guerra - Burbujas De Amor
Latin Jam - Blessed
Martha Sanchez - La belleza
Billy Joel - Keeping the Faith
Giants of Latin - Sometimes
Jon Secada - Just another day
Henry Mancini - Las Cruces
Latin Jam - Nobody Knows
Zucchero - Diamante
Victor Iturbe El Piruli - Senora
International Latin - Quando pienso
Latin Jam - Dreaming of You
Jose Luis Perales - Quisiera decir tu nombre
Mark Knopfler - Macho Mono
The Latin Club - Ni tu mundo ni mi mundo
Michael Camillo - Watermelon Man
Markus Schoffl - Hero
Pro Dance - Rumba
Markus Schoffl - Endless Love
Pablo Mendez - Spanish Eyes
Markus Schoffl - Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You
Ben E. King - Spanish Harlem
Giants of Latin – You’re My Everything
Malo - Suavecito
Giants of Latin - Abrozame
O.Molina - Besame mucho
Beach Boys - Kokomo
The Latin Club - Lo mesor de tu vida
El Chicano - Viva Tirado
K.Forsberg - Hold me
Ambross Seelos - How Deep Is Your Love
Diana Krall - The Look Of Love
DJ Daniel - Hero
Eva Cassidy -Fields Of Gold
Gilberto S Rosa - Hablando Claro
Gilberto S Rosa - No Lo Recuerdas
Isabel Pantoja - Un Hombre
Jon Secada - Por Amor
L Richie and D Ross - Endless Love
Luis Miguel - Delirio
Luis Miguel - Te Desean
Mario Berger - Slow Rumba
Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved
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