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Default The Geek Show: Abunai! Con Special 12 September 19.00 -21.00

On behalve of my UK friend Phil (LastKnight) with his own radio program called The Geek Show, i will be posting the information on how you can listen.

Come along and listen to The Geek Show on the 12th of September from 6pm-8pm (19.00 - 21.00 nederlandse tijd). On the web, and the radio and listen to the presenters prattle on about how Abunai con went for them and some more malakery around it and conventions.

There are interview's with Staff members, music, fun talk and lots more.

Be sure to listen in at http://www.cvfm.org.uk and click listen live or if you're near middlesbrough tune in at 104.5FM. Or if you want the direct link you can find it http://www.cvfm.org.uk/player.html there.

Hope people listen in.
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