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Default Re: Server Downtime

No I did not scope it from the net :P. I've got a certificate of Cisco Networking. Does that explain enough?. Only Discovery 1 though. If I had 2 aswell, I was permitted to teach people Cisco Networking xD. But I'm studying for ICT-Management right now, I did Mediatechnology 2 years ago. And I'm a webdeveloper since my age of 9 years old
And awesome, an Android dev. Guess you're on XDA aswell?
I've started developing for the Samsung Galaxy Mini S (GT-S5570). Which runned 2.3 (Froyo) in that time. These days it uses Gingerbread though. Butta, could you edit the firmware of the phone for overclocking to 1 GHz? The processor has the capibilty to, but samsung underclocked it to 600Mhz.
But I do know PHP.
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Default Re: Server Downtime

Oh boy, this is getting terribly off topic isn't it. I'm a fulltime software developer and I'm not very fond of PHP, for reasons I won't delve into here, ASP.NET all the way baby (with C# codebehind). I speak C# daily, with a bit of C++ and Java on the side

I'm now getting into Objective-C for iPhone development. Okay, I'll leave it at that.


Checked registration and everything, seems fine. Your database appears to be unaffected
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Default Re: Server Downtime

I agree, this is getting way to off-topic. Please stick to the news post.
You will respect my authorethaaah!!!

is that a lagspike in your pants or are you happy to see me ?
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