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Default Abunai! 2017 AMV Competition Thread

These are the rules & FAQ, the signups will open soon!

AMV Competition 2017

Time left till deadline...

General rules (2017 edition)

These are the rules for the 2017 edition of the Abunai! AMV Competition. Check the FAQ for more in-depth details about these rules. Compared to 2016, our FAQ has been pruned and the minimum resolution has been increased. Otherwise, there have been no significant changes to the rules this year, but you might want to read them all as a refresher nonetheless. If you have any questions or remarks, please contact us.


• All points covered in the FAQ and Tips & Tricks section are part of the rules. This general rules section is simply a shortlist, with an as clear as possible wording. The FAQ gives some extra details about some of the rules, as well as answering frequently asked questions. Be sure to read to the end!
• To sign up, use the webform on our website (coming soon) and use one of the methods recommended in the FAQ to send your AMV to amv@abunaicon.nl.


• You have to be a visitor (this includes guests, dealers and gophers/stewards) for at least one of the days of the convention to be eligible to participate in the competition.
• You do not necessarily have to be present during the competition, though it’s highly preferable that you are.
• You can sign up with only one AMV. This rule includes group projects.
• Signup deadline is Friday the 28th of July 2017 at 23:59:59.
• The AMV may not have had any prior showing. This includes but is not limited to: competitions, public showings, usage in a workshop, online streaming like YouTube or similar video services, or anything beyond small scale private screenings to your closest friends or family for feedback purposes.
• On the sign-up form, do not forget to tick the box on the final page concerning agreeing with the terms and conditions. Your application will not be submitted otherwise.
• For further details on how to sign up; check the FAQ below.


• Video sources have to be Japanese: Anime, Manga stills, (fan)art, game footage or anything else Japan related. Usage of non-Japanese sources is allowed, but only in moderation, and can be of influence during the judging process.
• Minimum resolution is [4:3] 800x600, or [Widescreen] 896x504
• Maximum length is 3:00 minutes (excluding intro/outro)
• Minimum length is 1:30 minutes (excluding intro/outro)
• Intro/Outro length may not exceed 10s each, and 15s combined
• Accepted filetypes are: AVI, MKV, MP4 and MPG. Other filetypes may be rejected.
• The maximum filesize is 1 GB (1024 MB)
• Excessive gore, violence, nudity or other content not suitable for minors is not allowed.
• Material with commercial or fan texts are not allowed to be used and are a reason for disqualification. This includes logos, subs and watermarks that are not or insufficiently blurred. Adding subs or texts of your own because you think it contributes to your AMV is allowed.
• Credits and special thanks are allowed, but cannot include source material. This will be listed separately from our side.
• Be sure to check the FAQ and Tips & Tricks section for more detailed rules and guidelines.


• Audio can be of any source, Japanese or not
• Minimum audio quality is MP3 of 192kbps
• Excessive language or other content not suitable for minors is not allowed.
• Be sure to check the FAQ and Tips & Tricks section for more detailed rules and guidelines.

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Default Re: Abunai! 2017 AMV Competition Thread

FAQ (2017 Edition)

Q: What is an AMV?
A: It's an Anime Music Video. Create your own music video for a chosen song using Anime, Manga stills, (fan)art, game footage or anything else Japan related, but keep in mind that AMVs are focused on "anime" and "music". The video material has to be Japan related in some form. The music can be of any source (Japanese or not).

Q: So the music choice is free?
A: Yes, you are free to choose the music you like. It can be in any language and of any genre you would like, though your submission can be rejected if your music has excessive adult themery.

Q: Can I use footage from more than one anime/game/manga?
A: There is no limit to the number of sources you are allowed to use.

Q: Can I use more than one song (either from the same artist or even different artists) in my AMV?
A: There is no limit to the number of songs you are allowed to use.

Q: Can I send in an AMV I used in another AMV contest?
A: No, your AMV has to be a product which has had no prior screening yet, aside from showing it to close friends and family for feedback purposes of course. (To enforce this, we reserve the right to share your AMV and signup information with other organisations we have an agreement with, also to support them in the enforcing of this rule for their own competitions. The provided information will only be used for comparison and nothing else.)

Q: I entered with an AMV but changed my mind and made another, can I change my entry?
A: You can change your mind before the deadline. Once the deadline has passed, your entry is finalized and can't be changed. Your first entry will still be archived but not used in any way.

Q: What type of video codecs can I use?
A: You can use one of the following codecs without problems: DivX, XviD, H.264, MPEG. Using different codecs might result in playback problems on our side, so please send us an email beforehand if you are planning on using one.

Q: I would like to use a different filetype than those listed as accepted.
A: Make a post in this thread (or send us an email) to ask us if that file type is permitted when you think it should be. Since we can't list all the formats out there and the codec world is ever evolving we'll have to deal with those situations as they come. When our equipment runs is without any problems, we will generally allow a different filetype.

Q: Widescreen or 4:3?
A: Our beamer is 1080p Full HD. It will therefore project at this resolution (1900x1080). Widescreen has our preference at a resolution of 1900x1080 (1080p), but 4:3 is fine too. See Tips & Tricks for more on video resolutions.

Q: What bitrate should I use for the compression?
A: Use a bitrate of at least 1000kb/s, or lossless (if within 1024MB boundaries), depending how big your video becomes.

Q: Is there a maximum filesize
A: The filesize of the video may not exceed 1024MB (1GB). Note that a good quality AMV is not necessarily this large. Our judges will take your skill at encoding into consideration, so please refrain from submitting unnecessarily large files.

Q: What content is not allowed in my AMV?
A: Any explicit or discriminating video or audio content (abuse, nudity, gore) that is considered to be not suitable to minors is not allowed, as they make up a large part of the audience. This includes the song lyrics if the language used is considered to be unacceptably excessive. Ecchi is allowed within certain boundaries. All content is subject to review by the judges. If you are not sure if something is allowed, you can ask us by sending us an email.

Q: What credits are allowed in my AMV?
A: You can credit yourself or give thanks to people who contributed to the AMV, etc, but you are not allowed to list the sources of your music or video, as this information will be presented in the form of a still image which will be shown at the end of your AMV. This still will be made by us using the information from your sign-up form and requires no work from your side. Last year we have seen some people that did show their AMV's title or their studio's logo in their AMV, but embedded this in such a way that it contributed to the AMV’s quality, as a visual effect for example. Note that your name and the AMV's title will also be shown on the still image, but we do allow this at your own risk. Keep in mind that it this is not necessarily a good thing to do and may cost you points during the judging process if it’s considered to be detrimental to the AMV's quality.

Q: Can my AMV have an intro/outro?
A: Yes it can. The intro may be in the form of credits of the creator, the outro may contain greetings, best wishes, thanks, etc. Neither the intro, nor the outro, may contain other forms of credits (like music used/anime used/title of the amv/etc, we will add this ourselves from the information supplied in the signup). As mentioned above, they each may not exceed 10 seconds and their combined length may not exceed 15 seconds (but do not count towards the maximum duration of the AMV). We advise that if you don't have an outro to have at the least 2-5 seconds of black screen at the end.

Q: How can I sign-up?
A: You can sign-up by supplying us (see the next question) with the following:
• A filled-in webform which you can find here:
• The AMV whose filename should look like: (nick)name_-_title_of_the_video.extention, for example: kitsune_-_My_First_Amv.mp4
If in any way possible please put all the files in a single archive (ZIP/RAR/7z/GZIP/Compressed Folder) and name it in the same fashion: (nick)name_-_title_of_the_video.extention, for example: kitsune_-_My_First_Amv.7z

Q: I'm having trouble with signing up
A: Please contact us via this webform.

Q: How should I supply the files to you?
A: If you have no hosting available of your own, any of the below options would work:
• WeTransfer (our first choice)
• Mega
• Google Drive
• Dropbox

Send an email to amv@abunaicon.nl. The body (message) of the email will have to contain:
• Subject: [AMV] (nick)name - title, for example: [AMV] kitsune - my first amv
• Your name
• Your Email
• Your visitor number (or payment code if no visitor number has been received yet)
• Download Link to the files, or archive containing the AMV and the Sign-up template

If any of the information required is missing, the sign-up will be rejected. We will notify you if your sign-up has been received.

Q: What is the deadline?
A: The deadline is Friday, 28-07-2017 at 23:59:59. All sign-ups received after this will not be able to participate in the competition.

Q: Which day will the AMV Competition be and do I have to be present at the show?
A: The AMV Competition will be on Sunday, and all participants are highly requested to be present at the show. You will receive more instructions after we have received your sign-up.

Q: Are there a maximum number of AMVs that can participate?
A: Yes, we have a maximum of AMVs that are able to participate in the actual compo. If we receive more sign-ups than that maximum, we will make a selection during the judging process. The lowest rated AMVs will be rejected. Sign-ups rejected during this phase will receive a mail about this, as will the sign-ups which will continue to the actual compo. The number of AMVs continuing on to the final round is subject to change.

Q: What will you do with my AMV?
A: All AMVs that reach the final round will be shown on the big screen during the competition. Those AMVs may also be used for promotional purposes (e.g. showcased at our promotion booth at other events), but will not be put to download or view/stream online. A link to an online source owned by the original maker, or with their consent, might be supplied on our website though after the convention. AMVs that do not make the final round will be archived and not shown either on the big screen or any time thereafter.

Q: Will you point out critical mistakes to me, such as missed logo's or bad encoding, so I still have a chance to fix this before the deadline?
A: We have done this in the past on some rare occasions, as it's a shame when an AMV is rejected, penalised or disqualified just because there's a barely visible station logo that the editor missed in a frame somewhere. This year we will be hesitant with this. After all, this is a competition, and it is the editors responsibility that they thoroughly check and recheck their AMV before submitting it. Be sure to do this to avoid disappointments later on.

Q: I have a question which is not answered in this FAQ?
A: Ask it here, in this topic. Make sure you read the whole topic first before asking questions which might have been answered already! It's also very useful to check the topics from the past few years in the archive on the forum since they hold much information gathered over years of experience.

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Default Re: Abunai! 2017 AMV Competition Thread

Tips & Tricks

Audio Quality
Listen to your audio source on a good audio installation or good headphones, and do the same with the final product of your AMV (so not just on your laptop using the laptop speakers). Make sure the audio is of good quality without distortions. AMVs with bad audio quality are highly likely to be rejected. This is because any flaws in the audio will be enhanced by the big audio installation used at the convention. This is simply the nature of such audio systems. We encounter problems with bad audio a lot during the competition and is a major pain point.

Black bars in the video
Unless they serve a purpose, try and make sure that after encoding, there are no black bars visible in the video. Often we see people encoding 4:3 source material as Widescreen which gives it black bars on the sides. If the source is 4:3, make sure you encode it in the same way. Black bars give a high chance in a big point reduction during judging.

For those of you who don't know what interlacing is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interlacing
Interlacing is bad m'kay? try to make sure your encode does not use it. Especially in fast paced AMVs the effect becomes really clear and will decrease the viewing pleasure.

Resolution matching the source material
Don't encode 640x480 source as 1280x720 widescreen. Try and match the encoding resolution to that of the original resolution of the material used. This gives the best result.

FullHD 1080p? 720p? 480p?
The beamer projects at 1080p FullHD. Lower resolutions can be used without problems, but 1080p will give the best result. As noted above, the most important thing is to match the output resolution to that of your input.

Matching resolutions between different bits of source material
Try to match the resolutions if you have more than one source of material. Sometimes you see AMVs which mix low quality resolution sources with high quality resolution sources which gives lesser viewing pleasure. If the low quality source does not exist in another form there is nothing to be done about it, but it's always good practice to use the best possible quality source.

No subs, no divx/tv station logo's, textless opening/ending
Unless the subs serve a purpose, make sure they aren't visible (use RAW/DVD footage without subs). When using openings/endings, use the textless versions (often supplied on the original DVD release). DIVX & TV Station logo's speak for itself ;-]. This can be a disqualifying point if you do not heed this warning.

A 3 minute video of less than 50MB often has extremely decreased audio and visual quality. Keep the filesize in mind when encoding (not too small, not too big). In this thread alot of tips on how to encode are given.

Filenaming for new versions
When you have already sent in your AMV but (for whatever reason) want/have/need to supply a new version, have the version of the AMV reflected in the filename. Add something like "v1-1" or "v2" to the filename to show it is a new version of the file. Even though we of course have our own administration around this all it's an extra safeguard from your own side to be sure we use the right version of the AMV for judging, and it simply saves us time and stress while doing our own administration.

How about previous years?
You can always check back years:
2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005.

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Default Re: Abunai! 2017 AMV Competition Thread

Tutorials by fellow AMV Editors


Originally Posted by Salafor View Post
Go to http://www.WeTransfer.com/
Click the 'Share' symbol on the bottom left corner of the upload window.

Click the 'Link' option.

The window changes to 'Add Files' and 'Transfer'. First add the files you want to upload and then click transfer.

The files will be uploaded and when it is finished you will be presented with the download link. Copy this link and paste it in the form on the website: http://www.abunaicon.nl/contactus.php?target=13 including all the other required information.

Please note that files on WeTransfer are kept online for 7 days so it is crucial that you upload and send it on the same day.

Exporting / Encoding your AMV

Originally Posted by imp
Step 1)
Export your video as lossless .avi from w/e program you use, even WMM should be able to do that (though, I haven't checked)

I'm not gonna go into the 1080p vs 720p fight, do what you want ^^

Also make sure the .avi file has audio.

Step 2)
You'll need a program to convert your lossless video to a smaller, encoded file. I use Zarx264, it's easy to use and makes .mp4 files with the H264 codec.

You can get it at http://www.amvhell.com/stuff/zarx264gui/, please use the 1.41 version, the version 2 is still unstable in my opinion.

Extract the .zip file, then start up the Zarx264gui program, no need to install anything.

Step 3)
Import video:

Most likely you'll have to change the "Open files" into the one with .avi.

After that you'll most likely get the popup below. I use most of the time the second option, not sure about the other ones, but that one works at least for me

Rename export video:

Step 4)
The settings, something like this should work:

A bitrate of 6000-7000 should be good enough for 720p and 7000-9000 for 1080p. Change the bitrate if the file gets too big, or the video is ugly (higher bitrate = better quality). Bitrates "too" high can cause some lag during playback.
The estimated filesize can be wrong at times.

Further, check the Advanced tab, and correct anything that seems out of the ordinary:

most important is the Sample Aspect Ratio, it should always be 1 for both X and Y.

Step 5)
Clicky on that Encode button on the bottom of the window. It won't matter which Tab you're looking at.

You'll get a popup window, it'll show you the progress. The button on the right will change into "Finished!" when it's done, don't mind the one on the left and the one in the middle opens an explorer window.

While encoding the program will use most of your PCs memory, so best is to have all other programs closed, then stand up and walk away until it's finished.

Bitrate / Filesize

Originally Posted by Anowil View Post

I'm going to use After Effects as the example program, but this method works with any decent editing software.

Step one
We're going to render out a video with next to no (noticable) compression. For this we're going to be using Quicktime, so make sure you have it installed.
Inside AE's render queue, press the Lossless option and in the Format menu select QuickTime. Next, go into the Format Options menu and select Photo - JPEG from the Video Codec menu. 95% of the time a quality of 90 is more than enough, I always select between 90-100 quality. Remember to check the Audio Output option if you're using audio.

Select your desired Output path and hit render. This will create a large filesize with barely any compression on it, but we're going to fix that now.

Step two
We're going to compress the raw video we just exported from AE. There are plenty compressing program's out there such as Adobe Media Encoder, Freemake Video Converter, HandBrake etc. I really like how HandBrake compresses it's video (available for windows, apple and linux) so I'll be using this program for the example, but again you can use any compressing software.

Open HandBrake and load your file (Source > File). Select the desired output path in the Destination tab, and select MP4 for our container. In most cases simply selecting the High Profile preset in the preset menu is good enough, because our original video file is an uncompressed file. Make sure H.264 is selected as the Video Codec in the Video menu, and the quality is set to a Constant Quality of 20. In the Audio menu match your Bitrate to your source audio file. If you're uncertain, a bitrate of 160 is usually good enough. The default Dolby Pro Logic II mixdown is good as is. When you're all set hit the Start button and voila, you just compressed your video the propper way.

The reason why we are not directly compressing from After Effects is because After Effects cannot compress properly. In it's simplest form, a compression looks at what is behind, and in front of the frame it is currently compressing. After Effects can only look behind, so it keeps a lot of unneeded data which results in a large file size. With propper tweaking a file that for example AE renders out as a 300MB H.264 MP4 can easily be reduced to a 50MB file WITHOUT losing quality.

TL;DR (recommended that you read the explanation)
Render out your video in an "uncompressed" video format (QuickTime > Photo JPEG format 90-100 quality), and compress the file you just rendered into a MP4 with H.264 as it's codec via HandBrake. Similair quality if not better, smaller file size.

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Default Re: Abunai! 2017 AMV Competition Thread

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Default Re: Abunai! 2017 AMV Competition Thread

I have been reading the rules, but the part about the deadline is a bit confusing... It's saying ''Signup deadline is Monday the 29th of July 2016 at 23:59:59.'' is the deadline not updated from last year or is it supposed to be for 2017? as I see later on ''The deadline is Friday, 28-07-2017 at 23:59:59.''

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Default Re: Abunai! 2017 AMV Competition Thread

Fixed! It was a leftover from last year, yes, thanks for bringing it to my attention.
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Default Re: Abunai! 2017 AMV Competition Thread

Thought so haha and you're welcome

I have one more question btw! I am organising an AMV editors meet-up and I was wondering how late can I expect the AMV competition to be on Sunday? That way I know whether I could host it before the AMV competition (or maybe even after) or Saturday if it doesn't work out at all.
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Default Re: Abunai! 2017 AMV Competition Thread

The convention's schedule will be published in due time, but I can already let you guys know that the AMV competition will take place on Sunday from 11.00 to 13.00.
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Default Re: Abunai! 2017 AMV Competition Thread

Hi! I cut my music in my amv to make it shorter, but to make the song flow well together it ended up being either 97 seconds or about 120, so I decided to go with the 97 seconds even though that's 3 seconds shorter than the minimum amount
Anyway I was wondering if it's okay that it's 3 seconds shorter or if I should extend it in some way, though I rather wouldn't : p
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