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Default Cosplay Act Competition Rules + Q&A 2014 [SIGN-UP CLOSED]

Cosplay Act Competition 2014 Rules

  • You have to sign up for the cosplay act competition using the application template. Check the FAQ in the next post on how to sign-up.
  • You can sign up until the 13th of July 2014. We need a sign-up template, your script and your audio-visual materials.
  • You are allowed to update and correct your audio-visual material and script untill 3rd of August 2014 .
  • Acts may last a maximum of 5 minutes.
  • Acts may consist out of one or more people.
  • There is a limited amount of places available. So send us you information as soon as possible so we have time to look at it.
  • The exact number of possible participants is yet to be determined. But there will be a selection round where the crew will decide if an act is appropreate.
  • Acts with inappropriate language, nudity or intensive violence will be rejected without question.
  • There is a minimum of 5 sign-ups, or the competition might be cancelled.

Audio-visual material:
  • The following combinations of audio-visual material are possible:
  • Video with embedded audio.
  • Audio only.
  • A still image/collage of images with or without a separate audio track.
  • A self made video with changing still images with or without embedded audio track.
  • No material at all.

  • Video is not mandatory.
  • The following file types are accepted: AVI, MKV, MP4, MPG.
  • Embedded audio must comply to the '-Audio' section, below.
  • Check the FAQ for any technical details about video files.
  • We are not sure what resolution our beamer will support but we estimate it will be wide screen HD or 720p.
  • All video material needs to have 5 seconds of black screen at the end.
  • Youtube does not provide high enough quality material so is not allowed as a source. Also be careful with recordings from downloaded anime sources (crunchyroll, fansubs). They can differ tremendously in quality. If entirely possible, use known good sources, like DVD's and Blue-ray.

  • If you want a still image instead of video shown, this is possible.
  • You can use screenshots from an Anime episode and Game or Fanart images that apply to your act.
  • If you supply us with multiple images, you must put them in a collage or slideshow.
  • If you want changing images, throughout your act, make a video of them yourself. Of course, the '-Video' section will then apply. If you want to make this fit with the style of the Cosplay competition visuals, ask us well in advance for reference material. The end result MUST be at our disposal before the audio-visual material deadline passes.
  • The following file types are accepted: PNG & JPG.
  • We donít accept other file types like BMP, GIF, TIFF, PSD, TGA and other exotic formats.
  • The resolution of the image(s) should fit the minimum of 640x480. This means, both the width and height must be at minimum, 640 and 480 pixels respectively. Padded images (with 'bars' to extend the size) or obviously upscaled images won't be accepted.
  • For the collage or slideshow we accept the following formats: PPT PPTX & ODP.
  • These collages/slideshows should should be of a minimum resolution of 1024x786.

  • Audio is not mandatory.
  • If you act out 'live', please inform us well in advance (at least before the deadline for audio-visual material). Also check the FAQ why it might be better to pre-record your dialog.
  • For audio you can use one of the following formats: MP3 or AAC. Audio files should be of very good quality! What might sound reasonable on your IPod, might be insufficient when amplified and blasted out of the speakers at main stage.
  • Check the FAQ for any technical details about audio files.
  • The audio files that are supplied need to have been pre-cut at the start. this means: no 'start file at time index X'. If you want to be sure everything will work, and have multiple audio files, pre-mix these yourself (or let someone do it for you) into one single file. The audio file will be played from the beginning of the file, to the end.
  • If you need help on the above points, notify us in time! Two weeks before the convention is already far too late! There is very little we can do after the audio-visual material deadline has passed because we will be very busy with more than only this competition.
  • Youtube does not provide high enough quality material so is not allowed as a source. Also be careful with recordings from downloaded anime sources (crunchyroll, fansubs). They can differ tremendously in quality.

Script rules:
  • Use the supplied template when making your script. See the FAQ below for details!
  • Scripts have to be send to us using the provided template.
  • Scripts may only contain pictures for clarification, not for the artistical value.
  • Text has to be black and the text size 11 points.
  • Put clear technical cues into the script (colour marks). The character name alone isn't sufficient as a technical cue. Please specify the characters carefully (for example a short description of clothing helps). Our tech crew might not know your series and they need to be able to recognise you from the back of the room.
  • In the template there is room for a full list of required audio-visual equipment as well as used props (e.g. chairs, tables, confetti cannons, windmills, etc). This list is mandatory.
  • Scripts that donít follow these rules will be rejected.
  • We prefer that your act has a link to Japan but it is not mandatory. It should have links to popular culture like comics, manga, anime or live-action. Of course if you have a japan themed act that is also good.
  • The safety of the audience, staff, and other participants must not be compromised. To this end, pyrotechnics and fireworks or any other methods of creating or causing a naked flame, explosion or smoke are not permitted. Nor anything that may make the stage slippery or sticky that cannot be quickly removed after your 'act' has finished. We need to know in advance (the moment you hand in your script) if this is likely to happen. Also cases of (excessive) use of paper tape and the like; notify us in your script.
  • Energetic performances involving e.g. running or martial arts displays will require further assurance regarding the skills of the performers, and we reserve the right to interrupt performances for safety reasons. Of course there will be rehearsals. Don't do anything stupid, like not show things at the rehearsals in fear of it being rejected, and try to do them on stage at the actual competition anyway.

Selection round:
  • Before the selection rounds are over, we will not accept changes to the scripts. After the selection has been done, selected groups may send in updated scripts until the deadline of 3rd of August 2014 (this may be minor updates, not a completely different act).
  • The results of the selection round will be given 1 to 2 weeks after the sign-ups close.
  • Providing us with as much material as possible will give us a better idea of your act and will help us allot.

The rehearsal:
  • It is mandatory to be present at the rehearsal, you will be disqualified if you arenít there or late. The rehearsal times will be made know to the selected groups. If you know up front you are unable to attend or will be late, please send us an e-mail with the reason. If the reason is deemed valid enough you may be exempt from this rule. You will have to notify us of this within two days after receiving the exact rehearsal times.
  • The rehearsal is not for you to practice your act, rather for you to get used to the stage, and also for the staff to make sure the sounds and lights are working correctly for the show and practice the technical cues.
  • The rehearsal will be done in groups so you don't have to be holed up in the mainstage for the full rehearsal. The time table for the rehearsal will be sent before 17th of August 2014
  • We will not accept new audio-visual materials or requests during the rehearsals.

The competition:
  • By participating in this competition you give us the right to record your act, which will be put online. This material is used for promotional purposes, all rights reserved to us.
  • If you want your act to be filmed by anyone else besides our camera crew, you can request this through e-mail minimally a week before the convention.
  • There will be a short break (approximately 60 minutes, for lunch and just spare time) between the rehearsal and the actual competition.
  • All group members must be present (backstage) 15 minutes before the show is scheduled to start and you are now allowed to leave before the show starts. If there are delays, you have to be present anyway!
  • The order in which acts are set will be decided by the staff and is not open for discussion.
  • Judging results are final and are not open for discussion.
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Default Re: Cosplay Act Competition Rules + Q&A 2014

Cosplay Act Competition 2014 FAQ

Q:  On what day will the Cosplay Act Competition be?
A:  Currently we are still planning the day and time of each competition. By the end of this month we will announce the day on which each competition will be held.

Q:  My script isn't ready yet, can I still sign-up in advance?
A:  Yes, you can (and it's even preferred that you) sign up in advance. Just mail us the template and don't forget the short description of the act. As long as the script has been received before the deadline it's fine.

Q:  How do I sign-up?
A:  You have to use the following templates:

If you use Office 2003 or lower please use:
If you use Office 2007 please use:
If you use Open Office or Libre Office please use:
The group representative/contact sends an email using the email form on the website. The email will have to contain a subject and a body looking like this:
Subject: [CAC] Group Name - Act Title
  • Your Name
  • Your Email address
  • A download link to the Sign-up template, and the script template. Please package them together in an archive (ZIP/RAR/7z/GZIP) if in any way possible.
For example if I made an act named Awesome Staff Act the subject would look as follows: [CAC] Swenker - Awesome Staff Act.
If any of the information required is missing, the sign-up will be rejected. We will notify you if your sign-up has been received.

Q:  How do I supply you with my audio-visual material and other required files?
A:  The group representative/contact sends an email using the email form on the website. The body (message) of the email will have to contain:
Subject: [CAC] Group Name - Act Title, for example [CAC] Swenker - Awesome Staff Act
  • Your Name
  • Your Email address
  • A download link to the material.
Please package several small (audio and data) files together in an archive (ZIP/RAR/7z/GZIP) if in any way possible.
If any of the information required is missing, the sign-up will be rejected. We will notify you if your material has been received.

Q:  What are accepted languages used in the performance?
A:  Accepted languages are English, Dutch and Japanese (though in this last case you need either subs or a translator ;-]) in both spoken as well as written form. A few words in other languages are allowed if these are catch-phrases belonging to the original characters.

Q:  What is an "Archive" and how do I use it?
A:  If you have trouble creating an archive, check out this tutorial. We accept the types of Compressed Folder (Windows Native)/ZIP/RAR/7z/GZIP. We highly recommend using this since it saves us a lot of trouble.

Q:  I have no hosting of my own, how do I upload the files to you?
A:  There are a whole lot of file hosting services out there you might use, if you don't already use one. These are a few examples:

Q: Why should I pre-record my dialog?
A:  If you have dialog, a pre-recorded audio track is highly recommended because we won't know how many microphones will be available for your act. If we can't amplify your voice, you'll have to have enough of it to carry throughout the whole main stage room. Most voices don't carry that far, and only the first few rows of audience would hear you, which would be a shame. Also, 'in the heat of the moment', it's easy to forget your lines on stage. When you have a pre-recorded audio track all these things won't be a problem anymore.

Q:  What are the technical requirements for audio files and embedded audio in video material?
  • The files have to be in MP3 or AAC format
  • Compressed bit rate for MP3 should be at least 128 kbit/s, fixed, or 192 kbit/s VBR. Compressed bit rate for AAC should be at least 96 kbit/s.
  • Audio frequency and channels for both formats should be at least 22050 Hz/channel, 2 channel (stereo).
  • We donít accept other file types like FLAC and other exotic formats. Hint: In case of a 'lossless' format, like FLAC or classic WAV, recode your audio files yourself to MP3 320kbit fixed bit rate. That will surely work.
  • Try to prevent the 'analog loop' (recording audio from an analog audio-out source, from, for example, TV) unless you really, really know what you're doing. If you know how to prevent noise, hum and clipping, give it a try.

Q:  What are the technical requirements for video files?
  • The following file types are accepted: AVI, MKV, MP4, MPG.
  • We donít accept other file types like WMV, FLV, SWF, ASF, MOV and other exotic formats.
  • You can use one of the following codecs: DivX, XviD, H.264, MPEG 2.
  • Embedded audio should comply to the technical requirements for Audio, above.
  • Make sure the resolution is always MOD16. A minimum resolution of [4:3]640x480 is required. Examples which are allowed: [Widescreen] SD 704x400, HD 1280x720, Full HD 1920x1080, [4:3] SD 640x480, HD 1280x1024.
  • For video use a bit rate of at least 1000 kbit/s.

Q:  How Do I get good Audio and Video for my act?
  • Use the same equipment for all the recordings and make sure that all voices are at approximately the same volume.
  • If you are a student you can usually borrow or rent very cheaply recording equipment. This will greatly improve your audio quality. You could also see if your 'buurthuis' has something you can borrow or use there.
  • If you have friends that know audio you can ask them if they want to help.
  • For the recording of video we recommend you use a tripod or other method of steadying your camera.
  • Remember that most camera's do not have a very good microphones. If you have separate microphone that you can connect to your camera this will usually give better sound.

Q:  Why do I have to put in a big description? Has the tech not seen this show? Everyone has seen this show!
  • Some of our tech crew are not anime fans at all but just some people we hired for this event to do our tech.
  • Also they need to be able to identify you from the back of the room and since our main stage is quite big if you do not have a good description it is hard do differentiate.
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