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Default WMA: Wakeup Martial Arts (2009)

I just had a meeting with the lady who will do this years Wake-up Martial Arts and it was very interesting :-]

it will be in the form of Taichi and it will be even better then previous years!

I'm very excited about it already.

we'll get some more information on the website and forum soon about the event
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Old September 12th, 2009, 20:12:23   #2
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Default Re: WMA: Wakeup Martial Arts

Hmmm although I've done some (pushing hands) tai-chi, I don't see it 'waking me up'.
When I think of wake-up excersises, I think of something a bit more active, like Judo, Taekwondo, Karate, Krav Maga (right shiner).

But we'll see, I'll be there anyway, but as it is a different branch of Martial Arts, I don't think I'll bring my Karate stuff with me. Jogging gear will suffice for Tai Chi I think.
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Default Re: WMA: Wakeup Martial Arts

I've been there on Saturday. I really enjoyed it, as it's a good way to "wake up" without overstretching or risk of getting injured. I do karate as well, but the lack of "action" didn't really bother me.

Was the Sunday schedule the same as Saturday or did I really miss something?
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Old January 2nd, 2010, 16:08:14   #4
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Default Re: WMA: Wakeup Martial Arts

Yes it was, and you could also buy a poster which showed the moves so you can practice at home. I am curious what the WMA will be this year . Depending on location, if there is interest for aikido, I could pull some strings
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Default Re: WMA: Wakeup Martial Arts

I'll bring my Shaolin Kempo gear with me, I'll be practicing on my own in the morning (mostly because I have to miss some practice because of Abunai!-con).
Taichi is something I'd prefer in the afternoon, not in the morning. :P But that's just me. I might check it out though.
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Default Re: WMA: Wakeup Martial Arts

I am not sure we will be having Tai-Chi this year. Tai-Chi was something we did in 2009. Events for 2010 will be placed on the website as soon as we know more details
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