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Default Hello everyone

Hello everyone who reads this,

My name is Benjamin. I'm 24 years old. I am a biochemist and I live in the province Gelderland city Nijmegen.
This year will be my 3th time going to Abunai and this year I got a weekend ticket and a room at the hotel to enjoy everything to the fullest .
I'm also going to cosplay again this year. I managed to fix my sonic mascot costume and installed 2 fans in the head (cos last year the heat was killing me).
And I'm currently making a professor Layton cosplay. So far I finished making the large top hat and the pants. I only need to make the coat in the last 10 days. (was planning to also make a mascot head but I started a bit late making the stuff this year so that will have to wait till next year)
My hobbies are playing the piano, bowling and cosplaying. I also listen to alot of music from classic to rock to jpop.

If you want to know anything els feel free to ask but I can't guarantee I will answer everything :P.
Hope to see you all at Abunai
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Default Re: Hello everyone

What is your bloodtype ? *-*
I like pie.
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Default Re: Hello everyone

Originally Posted by silvano1992 View Post
What is your bloodtype ? *-*
Haha didin't see that question comeing. I have the most common bloodtype 0+ from what I remember from my immunology lessons (in 1 of the classes we had to test what our own bloodtype was).
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