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Default Nice to meet you!

My name is Dennise, I'm from Limburg and this year will be my second time at Abunai!

I went on Saturday last year and I was sad that I couldn't go on Sunday. That's why I'll go on both days this year! I'm not sure about my cosplay yet, but I really want to do Franziska von Karma. Other than that, maybe I'll go as Monokuma or Fem!Italy from Hetalia. I could use some help deciding on what to do on each day. I hope to see some of you at the con and hopefully make some more new friends!
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Default Re: Nice to meet you!

High-five, this will be my second time at abu too about the deciding what to do both days, I ust make a general planning of things I must go to, then some secondary things and the rest will play out it self, just talk to some people and have fun, its quite easy especially when you you cosplay .

PS. This year i hope to finally cosplay myself
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Default Re: Nice to meet you!

Hey! another limburger hihi,

If you are going to cosplay as Franziska I need to find you so I can take your picture (if you don't mind it of course) haha I absolutely love her.
As for the cosplay question itself, I guess the best tip I can give you is just go with what seems the most fun? I dunno XD this year I am going the whole weekend which is a first for me and will probably end up in the same cosplay 3 days in a row because I can't decide (even thought I have 3 cosplays, which would make it easy lol).
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