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Roger LovesAnime
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Default Abunai 2016 AMV dinner


As per tradition this year there will be another abunai dinner meet for Experienced AMV editors and newcomers alike to talk about AMV's, editing, anime and whatever we like!
People who are curious about AMV's but never actually made any are also more than welcome

The meet will start at 19:00 saturday at the food court ( there will be a sign, usually you see a group of people awkwardly standing next to each other hungry and ready :P )

I hope to see you there!

PS: this is a meet, thus everyone is welcome and even if you only wanna chat you may join up (for some people 19:00 is a bit late to eat so it is understandable)

EDIT: time was 18:00, but after taking another look at the schedule apparantely the amv workshop ends at 18:30, thus after the workshop i will take a group with me to the food court and the time has been shifted to 19:00

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