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Question Half-naked costume question (no shirt)

Hey hello everyone, this is most likely a question to the admins and helpers at Abunaicon, but feel free to answer anyway.
My question is, am I allowed to cosplay as a character who doesn't have a clothing for the upper-body (like no shirt for example)?? The reason why I ask is because I want to cosplay as Master Higgins from the video-game series Adventure Island.

Now usually he only wears pants, but there's an exclusive version on the Gamecube (which is also a Japan-exclusive under the name Hudson Selection Vol.4 - Takahashi Meijin no Bōken Jima) which looks more like this:

As a personal preference I'd like just the topless one, but if I'm not allowed to enter with that kind of, euhh, "costume", then there's the other version of course.

(The character never wears slippers either, but I think I'll make one exception, just for when I'll go outside, in case I don't step into a piece of glass or something... My main plan was to make a blue Samurai costume with spikes and wings on the helmet as being a reference to the blue shell from the Mario Kart series, but I'm not taking the risk for IF the weather gets too hot. I cosplayed as a Zoroark back when the Halloween theme was, 27 Celcius was too hot for me already, so that Samurai costume idea will be scrapped for now.)
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Talking Re: Half-naked costume question (no shirt)

Well at abunai last year there was a guy who was cosplaying Gray from fairy Tail who aslo had no shirt for like two days straight. so I don't think it should be a problem.
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