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Default EuroCos rule changes

In 2012 AbunaiCon will host the preliminaries of the EuroCos cosplay competition for the second time, but there are some changes.

The first and biggest change is that we are scrapping the "Japanese only" rule from the Eurocos signup.
*big note, this rule change is for the EuroCos only.

The other change we have made is that we have reset the Cosplay FashionShow and EuroCos to the Friday. We feel that putting the competition on the Sunday caused more problems than it was supposed to solve.


Q: Why the change?
A: The MCM Expo does not have the rule of 'Japanese only' and we feel that great costumes will possibly be missed if we leave the rule in place.

Q: I have a great idea for a non-Japanese costume but I don't want to enter the EuroCos, can I use this costume for the Cosplay FashionShow?
A: No, as mentioned in the news post, the rule change only applies for the EuroCos signups

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