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Default Het Sieboldhuis

Het Sieboldhuis is a museum on the Rapenburg in Leiden, which is a museum for Japanese Culture. Here artifacts are shown which Philipp Franz von Siebold (1796 - 1866) took with him to the Netherlands between 1823 and 1829 during his stay on Deshima. Deshima was the Dutch trade settlement in Japan, where the Dutch could trade with the Japanese while the rest of the Japanese border was completely closed for foreigners. He was very interested in all aspects of the Japanese culture and the collection in Het Sieboldhuis is thereby very diverse.

There is a permenant exposition divided over different rooms, with each it's own sphere. You can get an impression of the past in the room where Siebold's past is told as well as a room with preserved animals and plants and colourful water colour paintings. The panorama room has almost four meter high showcases with the most wonderful objects! Enough to see and enough to learn about Japan!

This year it's "KAWAII"-year at Het Sieboldhuis where there is an extra focus on modern culture, with youth at its centre. During the year there will be four big expositions which give attention to the theme "Kawaii". Not only the youth, but also a lot of adults feel attracted to cute things, from Hello kitty to little animals. What this means for the Japanese influence on the west, will be shown in the different expositions.

The Expositions:

Sterren, Bloemen en Honingnacht: The 11th of march 2011 till the 25th of April (closed)
This exposition focuses on the artist Aya Takano, who combined different worlds in her art; the 19th century Japan with present-day manga and science fiction.

Beestenboel; Origami of Akira Yoshizawa: 30th of April till 30th of May
Akira Yoshizawa was a grand master in origami, the art of paper folding. He was the person that introduced this art to the general public. His folded (animal) figures are world famous. During this exposition more than 300 of his origami works of art will be shown to the Dutch public for the first time since 1955.

Meisjeskimono's: 2nd of June till 14th of August
During the summer exposition the central theme will kimono's for girls.

The last of the four expositions is not yet publicly released.

For all of you with an interest in Japan exceeding anime and manga, Het Sieboldhuis is the perfect place to get to know more about this interesting country. Come to Leiden to visit this special museum. You might even want to combine it with a visit to the Japan Market 2011

Opening hours: Tuesday up and until Sunday: 10 - 17 'o clock.
closed on: Mondays, 1st of January, 3th of October, 25th of December.

Visiting address:
Rapenburg 19
2311 GE Leiden

Adults 7,50
Children (age 4 - 12) 4,00
65+, CJP/Culture card 4,00
Students (by showing a college card) 4,00
Museum card holders free
Studenten of the University of Leiden (by showing a college card) free
Friends of Het SieboldHuis (+ 1 guest) free

For more information: http://www.sieboldhuis.org
Baka wa shinanakya naoranai
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Default Re: Het Sieboldhuis

small correction on the kimono thing, I've been there and it's about kimonos for childeren. Also for boys. The collection they show is really pretty, and in a really good condition!
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