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Default Cleaning up of Gophers [Private] forum 2012 Edition

I'd like to remind you all that I will soon clean out this forum, meaning only the staff and supergophers (most of which, if not all, have been decided by now since we try to involve them in the planning phase as well) will still be able to read this subforum.

Soon after, all gophers that are accepted (which won't be all because of the absurd high amount of gopher applications) will be able to read this section again. I'm not exactly happy with it but due to there being a limit on the amount of gophers I will have to turn down several gopher applications. Don't think you didn't do your job good enough last year if you are one of them: it could've been just about any other gopher.

I hope to see you all again this year, as a gopher or not. And keep in mind: even those who do not gopher can still help out by telling the staff of problems. Telling us about things missing, long rows, things that aren't allowed, etc. will be very much appreciated: the more eyes and ears the better.

Those of you who will a GPF later on can aply for the Gophers [Private] forum, just follow the steps in this thread http://forum.stichtingabunai.nl/showthread.php?t=5490

If you are a supergopher and dont have access please PM with your name and forum nickname, after you applied again for the Gophers Private forum
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