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Default Abunai! 2015 Cosplay Masquerade + Sign up Info [Sign up are closed]

These are the rules, signups are closed!

Cosplay Masquerade 2015

The Cosplay Masquerade is intended as an entry level competition for beginning and advanced level cosplayers. For this competition you give a performance for the audience. A Performance consists of posing for the audience to show off your costume, while you walk up and down the stage and the adjacent runway. You can sign up as an individual or as a group. Both will be treated as separate categories.

  • You have to sign up for the Cosplay Masquerade using the application template. You can download it here [Link Template].
  • You can sign up until the 30th of June 2015.
  • All required material has to be sent to us before the 9th of August 2015.
  • Costumes need to be related to Japanese or Western Popular culture, e.g.: Anime/Animation, Manga, Games, Comics, Movies, etc.
  • Each group may consist out of a maximum of five (5) people. There is 1 prize. Groups have to share the prize if they win.
  • We have four categories in which you can participate: Beginner Solo, Beginner Group, Advanced Solo and Advanced group. Prizes are divided accordingly.
  • Each participant needs to supply reference material of their costume in the form of images.
  • If possible, each participant may supply us with documentation of their creation process (Work In Progress) of the cosplay. This can provide the judges a better view on your costume.
  • Individual performances cannot be longer than 60 seconds, group performances cannot be longer than 90 seconds.
  • All cosplays have to be handmade, not mass produced. This may be by yourself, or someone you personally know as a commission. If not by yourself, the person who made the costume (the designer/creator) has to be referenced and also has to attend this convention and be present alongside you at the competition. The costume may not have been bought in its entirety but attributes like shoes, wigs and (small) props are allowed. Attributes not handmade must be referenced as such at sign-up.
  • You may make your own props for your cosplay, but everyday items that are small props are allowed to be store-bought. Commissioned items are allowed as well. The contest is about your costume, your prop only complements it. If you commissioned your prop, you are required to name the designer and creator in your application and credit them for their work. If you have doubt about the category for your prop, please send an e-mail using the contact form on our website.
  • There is a limited amount of places available. This is on a first-come-first-serve basis. There will be a waiting list for anyone signing up in excess to the available spots. If a 'group' or ‘person’ drops out of the competition more than two weeks in advance, we'll notify 'groups' or persons’ on the waiting list. 'Groups' or ‘persons’ on the waiting list do have to comply with all rules and deadlines. That means, even when you're on the waiting list, if you want a chance at competing, you have to hand in your audio-visual material on time, as if you were competing. You will be notified when you are eligible to participate at least two weeks before Abunai!.
  • Cancelling your performance may impact you eligibility for participating next year. This is dependent on the reason for cancellation and the amount of time between the convention and your cancellation. For instance, if you cancel two weeks before Abunai! Because your costume is not finished, you may be excluded from competitions in the next year. There is, of course, some leniency in this dependant on the reason you cancel your performance.
  • The number of possible participants is yet to be determined.

Ineligibility of sign-ups
You are ineligible to participate in the Cosplay Masquerade if:
  • You have placed 1st in a national selection competition for any international cosplay competition (EuroCos, CICAF, WCS, ECG, Yamato Cup, etc) with the cosplay you intend to sign up with. You are allowed to participate using a different cosplay.

Audio-visual material:
  • Images (reference material)
    • Reference images are original artwork pictures showing the costume you based your cosplay on. This can be a screenshot from an Anime episode, Game or Fanart image.
    • You have to supply a minimum of 1 (one) image, but more is better. If you have multiple images, form these into a collage and then send it to us.
    • The following file types are accepted: PNG, JPG.
    • We don’t accept other file types like BMP, TIFF, PSD, TGA and other exotic formats.
    • The resolution of the image(s) should fit the minimum of 1024x786. This means, both the width and height must be at minimum 1024x786pixels respectively. Padded images (with 'bars' to extend the size) or obviously up-scaled images won't be accepted.
  • Audio
    • We shall provide the audio for the show.

The performance:
  • The safety of the audience, staff, and other participants must not be compromised. To this end pyrotechnics, fireworks, smoke or any other methods of creating or causing a naked flame or explosion are not permitted. Nor anything that may make the stage slippery or sticky that cannot be quickly removed after your 'group' has finished. We need to know in advance (the moment you sign up) if this is likely to happen. Also cases of (excessive) use of paper tape and the like; notify us at sign up.
  • Energetic performances involving e.g. running or martial arts displays will require further assurance regarding the skills of the performers, and we reserve the right to interrupt performances for safety reasons. Of course there will be rehearsals. Don't do anything stupid, like not show things at the rehearsals in fear of it being rejected, and try to do them on stage at the actual competition anyway.
  • Don’t forget to have fun!

The competition:
  • By participating in this competition you give us the right to record your performance, which may be put online on our website or an online video service and used for promotional purposes, all rights reserved to us.
  • If you want your performance to be filmed by anyone besides our camera crew, you can request this through e-mail minimally a week before the convention.
  • For problems or questions during show go to a Staff member, or the Super Gopher at the Main stage.
  • The order in which performances are set will be decided by the Staff and is not open for discussion.
  • Judging results are final and are not open for discussion.
  • There are no rehearsals for the Cosplay Masquerade.
(these rules are subject to change)

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Default Re: Abunai! 2015 Cosplay Masquerade + Sign up Info [Sign up opening soon]

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Default Re: Abunai! 2015 Cosplay Masquerade + Sign up Info [Sign up opening soon]

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abunai! 2015, cosplay, rules

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