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Default EuroCos Preliminaries Rules 2015 [Sign ups are closed!]

The sign-ups for the Euro Cosplay Competition preliminaries are closed!

Euro Cosplay Competition (EuroCos)

This year will be the fifth year for Abunai! to hold the preliminary round for the EuroCos, of which the winner will be sent to the MCM Expo in London on the 23rd - 25th of October 2015, with the final show held on the 24th, to represent our convention and country.

Below you will find the rules for this competition as an addition to the rules which have already been defined for the Cosplay Masquerade. So all rules from the Masquerade will also apply here, unless stated otherwise in this thread. These rules only apply to the preliminary round at Abunai!. Different rules may apply to the actual final at the MCM Expo.

Additional Rules for the Preliminary
  • This is a singles only competition.
  • Participants have to be at least 18 years of age on the 24th of October 2015
  • Participants need to be legal residents of the Netherlands, or a neighbouring country which has no preliminary itself at any event.
  • Signup for the European Cosplay Competition closes 30th of June 2015. No new applications will be accepted after that.
  • All required audio-visual material has to be sent to us before the 9th of August 2015. If the material has not been provided, your entry may be cancelled if the reason is insufficient.
  • You will not be allowed to compete if you won these preliminaries the previous two times.
  • You are ineligible to participate if you qualified for the EuroCos at any other convention, no matter which cosplay or you have placed 1st in a national selection competition for any international cosplay competition (EuroCos, CICAF, WCS, ECG, Yamato Cup, etc). If only the second applies, you are allowed to participate with a different or new cosplay.
  • Participants have to be able to attend the MCM Expo in London from the 23rd until (and including) the 25th of October 2015.
  • Participants must not be involved with the organisation of Abunai! or with the organisation of EuroCosplay.
  • Costumes for the EuroCosplay must be from an officially published or broadcast source. They may not be original designs or based on derivative works not endorsed by the copyright holders. This includes but is not limited to: Anime, Manga, Games, Movies, Official artbooks. This is not limited to just Japanese pop-culture. Cosplays based on fanart are not allowed.
  • All participants must have made their own costume. Commissions or store-bought costumes are not allowed.
  • Some parts of the costume or some props may be store-bought or commissioned. Attributes like shoes, wigs and (small) props are allowed. Attributes not handmade must be referenced as such at sign-up.
  • Large props must be handmade and may not be commissioned.
  • All entries must provide pictures from the source material of the costume as a reference for the official appearance of the character they are cosplaying. If possible, each participant may supply us with documentation of their creation process (Work In Progress) of the cosplay. This can provide the judges a better view on your costume.
  • Each participant will be on stage for a minimum of 1 minute and a maximum of 2 minutes. This does not include stage preparation time. The stage performance should include some form of an 'act'. Try to orchestrate your stage performance to showcase your costume best from all angles.
  • Participants must provide their own music or pre-recorded dialogue that has to comply to the following conditions:
    • For audio you can use one of the following formats: MP3, AAC
    • Audio files should be of very good quality. The speakers will make it sound grainy otherwise.
    • Compressed bit rate for MP3 should be at least 128 kbit/s, fixed, or 192 kbit/s VBR.
    • Compressed bit rate for AAC should be at least 96 kbit/s.
    • Don’t use recordings of TV audio, unless you’re an expert who knows how to cancel out all the noise.
    • If you want to have audio start at X seconds you have to mix that in yourself. We start audio from the start, so if you want this, make sure it’s silent until that moment you want to use it in the file.
    • Notify issues in time, deadline of sending in updates and fixes counts for this as well. Two weeks before the conventions is far too late.

  • The following conditions apply for video and images:
    • Video
      • Video is not mandatory
      • The following files are accepted: AVI, MKV, MP4, MPG
      • We don’t accept any other files than the ones listed above.
      • You can use one of the following codexes: DivX, Xvid, H.264, MPEG2
      • It always has to be MOD16. A minimum of [4:3] 640x480 resolution is required. Anything larger/in HD in also fine.
      • For video we use at least a bit rate of 1000 kbit/s
      • All video needs 5 seconds of black screen at the end.
      • Use a good quality video if you download from the internet. Crunchyroll or Youtube might provide a very poor quality. Preferably use DVD or Blu-ray material.
      • Images are not mandatory, but you can choose to show one image throughout your act.
      • You can choose any images as long as it applies to your act.
      • If you want to use multiple images, make a collage or a slideshow video. (Check the video rules.)

    • Image
      • The following files are accepted: JPG, JPEG, PNG
      • We don’t accept any other type of image.
      • The resolution of the image must be at least 640x480. Obviously enlarges images that become blurred will not be accepted.
      • For the collage or slideshow we accept the following formats: PPT, PPT, ODP
      • Slideshows should have a minimum resolution of 1024x786

  • Participants of this Eurocos Preliminary cannot participate in the Cosplay Masquerade.
  • If the winner of the preliminaries is unable to attend the MCM Expo for any reasons, the runner up will take his/her place.
  • Cancelling your performance may impact you eligibility for participating next year. This is dependent on the reason for cancellation and the amount of time between the convention and your cancellation. For instance, if you cancel two weeks before Abunai! Because your costume is not finished, you may be excluded from competitions in the next year. There is, of course, some leniency in this dependant on the reason you cancel your performance.
  • There is a limited amount of places available. this is on a first-come-first-serve basis. There will be a waiting list for anyone signing up in excess to the available spots. If a participant drops out of the competition more than two weeks in advance, we'll notify a participant on the waiting list. Participants on the waiting list do have to comply with all rules and deadlines. That means, even when you're on the waiting list, if you want a chance at competing, you have to hand in your audio-visual material on time, as if you were competing. You will be notified when you are eligible to participate at least two weeks before Abunai!.
  • The number of possible participants is yet to be determined.

Qualifier Prize Pack
The winner of the Eurocos Preliminary Competition at Abunai! will become our representative at the MCM Expo Eurocos Finals on the 24th of October 2015. They will receive the following:
  • Return transport from the representative’s point of departure (airport, Eurostar terminal,
    etc.) in their home country to their hotel in London for one person.
  • An allowance, if required, to transport large costumes.
    This will be up to the cost of an additional piece of checked luggage on flights or
    postage costs for up to two parcels with a combined weight of up to a weight of 30kg.
    Costs incurred over this allowance are to be met by the representative.
  • Accommodation in London for two nights stay. For the EuroCosplay Championships
    2015 the dates will be 23/10/15 and 24/10/15.
  • VIP weekend passes to the October 2015 MCM London Comic Con for the qualifying
    finalist and one other.
  • Access to the EuroCosplay VIP rooms for the qualifying finalist and one other.
    We will also try to send along someone from Abunai! to supply support, both backstage as well as outside of the competition.

Sign Up
  • To sign up, use the designated form. The form and more information can be downloaded [here].

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Default Re: EuroCos Preliminaries Rules 2015 [Sign ups opening soon!]

Rules For The EuroCosplay Championships Final

This is an excerpt from the full rules and information document which can be found here.

The EuroCosplay Championships Final will be held on the Saturday of the October 2015 MCM
London Comic Con and will involve both costume judging and a stage based presentation of the

It is recommended that participants put on some form of performance or display.

1: Costume Eligibility
  • Costumes for the EuroCosplay Championships Final in October must be from an officially
    published or broadcast source. They may not be original designs or based on derivative
    works not endorsed by the copyright holders.
  • Finalists do not have to wear the costume that they qualified in for the EuroCosplay
    Championships Final; it is permitted to qualify in a costume at a partner event which is
    not eligible for the EuroCosplay Championships Final.
  • In the event a finalist has previously participated in a EuroCosplay Championships Final,
    the costume used for the EuroCosplay Championships Final must not have been used
    for a previous EuroCosplay Championships Final.
  • Finalists must have made the costume they are using in the Final by themselves.
    • All significant visible costume elements can safely be made without assistance
      must have been constructed entirely by the competitor;
    • If it is impossible for a single person to make costume element, assistance for
      simple tasks such as holding things in place is acceptable;
    • Bought elements such as wigs, shoes, and spectacles are acceptable. Any
      customisation such as styling a wig or modifying the shoes must be the sole work
      of the Finalist;
    • Instruction and planning advice is acceptable, as long as the practical construction
      of the costume is by the Finalist.
  • The costume should not exceed 3 metres in any one dimension, and the Finalist should
    be able to safely move in the costume on flat surfaces and on a ramp to get on to the
  • All Finalists must provide pictures from the source material of the costume as a reference
    for the official appearance of the character they are cosplaying. Construction or progress
    pictures can be supplied but are not mandatory.

2: Stage Presentation
  • Stage preparation should take no more than 30 seconds.
  • Each entrant will be on stage for a minimum of 1 minute and a maximum of 2 minutes.
    This does not include stage preparation time.
  • Each entrant is allowed one assistant. The assistant should be dressed all in black and
    may NOT perform directly in person in any way. The assistant may help prepare the
    stage, operate props including radio control of items and simple puppetry or pass items
    to the cosplayer. EuroCosplay will provide extra assistants if required.
  • Entrants must provide their own music, pre-recorded dialogue, and video footage and are
    invited discuss any further requirements or requests at the earliest opportunity.
  • There are no restrictions on receiving assistance with planning the stage presentation.
    This includes for example script writing, video editing, and sound recording.
  • Stage dressing and additional props set up as stage preparation do not have to be made
    by the Finalist, and their construction and accuracy are not judged.
  • Stage dressing and additional props set up as stage preparation must be easily
    manageable by a single person in terms of the item’s size and weight.
  • Energetic performances involving e.g. running or martial arts displays will require further
    assurance regarding the skills of the performers, and we reserve the right to interrupt
    performances for safety reasons.
  • Replica weapons and props for use on stage are unrestricted, any blades should be blunt
    and in the case of projectile weapons e.g. guns shown to be empty. Anything illegal to
    bring into the UK is forbidden.
  • As a costume focused contest, it is important that the audience can clearly view the
    costume when on stage. Lighting requests from Finalist must not require more than 15
    seconds of darkness or dim lighting. This does not include wanting the stage to be dark
    at the start or end of the Finalist’s stage appearance.
  • The safety of the audience, staff, and other participants must not be compromised. This
    means that pyrotechnics, fireworks or any other methods of creating or causing a naked
    flame or explosion are forbidden; anything that may make the stage slippery or sticky that
    cannot be quickly removed is similarly banned.

3: Judging
  • Costume judging will take place before the stage presentation and assesses the
    accuracy of the costume against provided source images and the quality and complexity
    of the construction.
  • It is the responsibility of the Finalist to be present for judging at the time decided by the
    EuroCosplay organisers. Failure to do so may lead to a penalty to the Finalist’s score or
    exclusion from the judging.
  • The stage presentation will be assessed by the judges considering stage presence,
    nature of the presentation, the ability to take on the role of the character, and level of
    entertainment or engagement. This is further detailed in Appendix A (see the linked document above).
  • The weighting for each of the judging criteria is as follows:
    - Accuracy: 40%
    - Construction: 40%
    - Performance: 20%
  • The judges' decisions are final, and no further negotiation will be entered into when the
    judges have made their decisions.

4: General
  • When not being judged or on stage for the EuroCosplay Championships Final, the MCM
    Costume, Weapon and Prop Rules apply at all times. These can be found on the MCM
    London Comic Con website or requested by emailing cosplay@mcmexpo.net
  • All representatives and their guests are expected to behave with good conduct and
    respect each other and the judges.
  • In the event that alternative language versions of this document are provided, the English
    version is the official version and takes precedence.
  • If a Finalist is found to have broken any of the rules in this document, their official placing
    in the competition may be revoked which may include removal or cancellation of prizes
    when applicable; they may also be banned from future EuroCosplay Championships.

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Default Re: EuroCos Preliminaries Rules 2015 [Sign ups opening soon!]

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Default Re: EuroCos Preliminaries Rules 2015 [Sign ups opening soon!]

I was wondering, last year two girls entered the CFS with a cosplay based of Sakizou Illustrated Artworks. Is that source eligible for the ECC as well? Or only for the masquerade?
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