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Originally Posted by nwoppertje
I had a lovely time at the Abunai. It was my first con, so I wasn't familiar with all the rules.... So when I had to go to the wardrobe more than 10 times in a day to stash bags/get things out of bag/get my bag I got a little bit ticked off.

But well...those are the rules of the con...so I shouldn't complain to much. But I definately have to reduce my bags for the Animecon, as I heared they are even more strict there....
I really liked the wardrobe They weren't all that strict, and everything was way faster than it was last year..so, good improvement on that ^^

They even started to recognise me after I came in for the 200000 time with my wings and scythe 'uhm..do you hold this kind of stuff?' luckily, they did ^^ even overnight so I didn't have to carry them all the way to my friends' place were I was staying, and back, too..(they don't really fit into the bus..-_-)

anyway ^_^ I haven't seen much of the other events, since I was mostly running around...-_-(giving the cosplay workshop, manga workshop, participating in the cosplay compo..)I didn't mind the long wait for the rehearsal, I liked talking with the other cosplayers..I do agree though, that there should be dutch next time..at the cosplay and manga workshop, we had 1 english person too, and one of us just translated for that person while the other, giving the workshop, was speaking dutch. Maybe that would be something for next time?

The cosplay compo itself was nice ^^ Though I was still a bit confused that it really was all about the act, I expected something like a regular compo, only with a bit more focus on the act. So I was surprised there were no categories like 'jury's favourite, best group, best individual..' I joined, expecting I was also being judged for my costume..(I couldn't participate in the fashion show-was giving the workshop)so that was a bit of a dissapointment..but oh well.

Karaoke was great ^^ No complaints at all, it was really great

..I think those were my events O.O I didn't have time to eat, so I can't tell you about the dinner..(I tried and actually got dinner, but by the time I had three bites, it was time for the workshop again ^^'' Those bites were good though!)and uhm..well, in general, good con, nice, relaxed people and it was all good ^^ again next year?
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There was a Martial Arts workshop!?!

*weeps eyes out*

Another thing I missed. I also could only see one episode of 'Loveless' because there were technical problems, the screen was also too light, which made waching it painfull to the eyes...
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