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Default Dealerroom improvements: insert them here

Hello, This topic is for those who think the dealerrom can do better, and yes things can always get better.

Thats why I would like to ask you to post here your remarks about the dealerroom of abunai2005, things you thought could be better, suggestions for next time and ofcourse (new) shops you really would like to see.

To keep things organized please ABIDE the following RULES:

1) Make only ONE post in this threat, no more. Edit your post if you have new ideas and/or remarks

2) Only post relevant things that could help improve the dealerroom. No stories etc. Try to keep the information short and clear.

3) Do not in anyway start a discussion, feel free to open any new thread you want for this, but not in this one. Also do not react on previous posts.

4) Do not post what other people allready posted in the same way,, try to think if your post really is something new among the other posts.

5) I you post a shops name, try to include a webaddress or email address so I can easilly contact them.

6) Plz do not suggest it should be bigger, thats obviously something I already drea... eh thought off.

tnx for your help and lets all dream of an even more improved dealerroom for the next conventions ^^
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I was kind of disappointed Archonia didn't have a stand there. So a hint from me is: get Archonia at Abunai next year. ^_^

obviously, the link would be www.archonia.com
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Maybe it will be a good idea to have a place that can be locked after dealinghours, so we don't have to pack and unpack every day and just have to cover it up.
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Just an observation as a gopher standing at the exit:
I had the feeling that everyone kept standing the middle, since the best shops where all positioned in the same area. You might get a better flow if this is spread more. Can't say that it didn't work though, but there were few people at the beginning and at the end.

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