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Default Meet the gophers!


I'd like to use this topic for all gophers to introduce themselves to the rest of us. Even if you allready introduced yourself in the introduction forum, you can add something of more significance for gophers here.

To give you all a head start, I'll be the first to introduce myself:

I'm Michel Ebberink, I'm 19 years old and I'm currently working, but I'll be studying as soon as Abunai! begins (I don't know what though...)

My first experience with an animeconvention was AnimeCon 2004, then I went to Otakon as a guest. My gophering "career" started at Abunai! 2004 and I was a steward at AnimeCon 2005.

Now please don't be shy, and introduce yourselves here ^__^
"We are used to delay on abunai.. Don't change our religion." -papilionette
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Glod Glodsson
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I'm Arjan Snippe, 22 years old and still studying (Informatica)

Two years ago I found out that Konnichiwa was orginizing Abunai! (2003) and was asked to gopher for then, and so i did. Last year I would have been a supergopher if Abunai wasn't organized on my mother and my brothers birthday.
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Default My introduction


I'm Jeroen Broekhuijsen, 25 years old.. and (still) studying informatica...

hrmz.. that looks wrong... Arjan is (only) 21 and also (still) studying informatica.....

Luckily i'll be done in august since i'm writing up my master thesis to finish my masters degree.

You can find the rest in the developers log
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Lord Stone
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For the people who do speak English around here, I am Niels van Tol and I study Computer Science at the University of Twente. For those who do not speak english all that well, in the Netherlands we call this "Informatica"


Anyways... I am 22 years old, and some of you might know me as the Video Room supergopher at Abunai: Cat's Crossing. My gophering career started at the first Abunai though, as an ordinary gopher (we all know they couldn't really do without me though *grins*) This year I will be taking it a step higher-up, and will be in the staff as the new foundation's treasurer.

Besides my studies, I fancy myself a writer and am hoping to get published somewhere in the foreseeable future (next year? :-p).
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I thought this was a thread for gophers to introduce themselves? We're staff, aren't we? oh well...

I'm Danny Oude Bos, the abunai foundation secretary, so if you send any general questions to info@stichtingabunai.nl you will probably get a reply by me *g* I am 22 years old, and also still studying computer science. My hobbies are... organizing anime conventions *g* reading fantasy and science fiction, designing websites, drawing, my favorite tv shows are lost and america's next top model, my favorite anime is arjuna, my favorite manga... basara, or anything yuu watase, or anything clamp ^^'
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Ah well, staff, gophers, we all run around don't we?

My name is Corona, I live in Enschede, I'm 23 years old and it's been 2 days since I've seen anime. ^_~*


Well, for questions about the going-on's with the convention, layout, video programme, gophers and the website you should never ask me! I tend to know a little tiny bit about everything (not enough to be usefull) but I love to watch everything in motion and I live for the moment when everything seems to work and is just right! (I'm a 'don't like the journey' but 'love the destination' person) I apologize for any nagging I tend to do, but watch out cause I'm very passionate about the things I stand for!

I want everything to be perfect and pretty! That's what I try to do (lucky I get help from Kageki and Kanako

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somehow I believe this information is already on the foundation site ><

Lennart here, I ..... look like my avatar

I study killing peo... eh Human Media Interaction (yes I finished all my subject for my CS bachelor MUHAHAHAHA -_-))

Been with abunai from the start. I was the one making the EXTRMELY crappy surprise booth \o/

Doing the same as last year, arranging dealers, sponsors and advertisement.

things of the moment: IN the groove NINTENDO DS!!!! hitsuji no uta manga (soo good ^_^) alot of other manga NINTENDO DS!!!!! did I mention in the groove? NINTENDO DS!!!!!
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daft archer
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Hi everyone, I just got made a gopher on this forum (why so late? :P )

I've been gopher last year at abunai. That was my second convention ever, but it totally got me hooked.
Well, the animecon '04 in almelo got me hooked on anime conventions in general, and abunai '04 got me hooked on gophering, but only for abunai, because I think the atmosphere is just way better (yeay for abunai )

I'll be gophering this year again, as I said, you guys (and offcourse, all the visitors) just got me hooked ^_^
And also, because I just live to help people.

I mostly watch alot of 'popular' anime, like bleach, and naruto, but I don't watch them to be part of any group, since the only person I discuss these anime with is kanako I hardly ever read manga, I don't like reading that much.. the comfort of my computer chair and monitor by far surpasses the comfort I have when reading.

One of the things I want to do in my life is make a 'worthy' anime or manga with my own drawing skills (or lack of them). But first, I need to finish my HAVO education (entering exams next tuesday) >_<
Pencil PowWaahHh !!
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Hi, my name is Mario Thielens
Some of you might know me as one of last year's (cabin) gophers from Belgium. For those who don't know me with that information, I'm the one who was cosplaying as:
- Yue (Card Captor Sakura) on AnimeCon 2003
- Kite (.hack//) and Kenshin at AnimeCon 2004
- Some random catboy with katana and Kite at Abunai 2004
- Shannon (Scrapped Princess) and that weird looking maid thingy (Cheko-chan from Pugyuru) from the AnimeCon 2005 cosplay compo with the broom.

OK, that was pretty much my cosplaying history, now to some other information. I'm 26 years old (well be 27 by the time Abunai! gets there) and currently unemployed. Back in the "old days" I studied Electricity. I also worked at a Computer Store for 3 years as a Programmer/Webdesigner.

Games I'm playing at the moment:
- Final Fantasy XI (PC, on Fairy)
- Asheron's Call 2: Legions (PC)
- Stepmania (PC)
- Dancing Stage Fever (PS2)

Alltime Favorite Anime: Nurse Witch Komugi-chan
Current Favorite Anime: Tsukuyomi ~Moon Phase~
Currently Favorite Manga: XXX Holic
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well my name is drazen i'm 21 years young XD
study: how to annoy people and communication & multimedia design
uhmm this will be my second abunai con and also my second gophering con
i've been to most cons netherlands has to offer
hmmm any hobbies let me think is annoying people a hobby and i like watching and reading many different anime and manga
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