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Default Re: Angelic Layer

Originally Posted by sir lavitz
Originally Posted by Meowzy
Originally Posted by sir lavitz
I will be cosplaying as Wizard from Angelic Layer again. I woiuld very much like it if some other person also c-played as an Angel, so we could do the dance from ep 2 together (looks sideways to the Quistis cosplayer from A2005).
hahah, gomen. ^^'
i'm already in an act. but i'm flattered you still remember me XD
I don't think it is a problem to be in two acts.
being in two acts is not allowed. which i can understand, because that would double your chances of winning something.
also, it would be troublesome to chance in between the acts.
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also, I think it's because the cosplay comp will be crowded with people who want to join it wouldn't be fair to someone who wants to join but can't because someone else is already doing 2 acts ;-]
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*nods* the cosplay act competition is always the one that gets full first, and we do want to give as many people as possible a chance to do their thing (which is also one of the reasons for having a seperate cosplay fashion show this year)
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This stage is gonna hurt my ankles :P (and rip my pants if I'm not careful)

wanna see what I'm talking about, come to the cosplay competition and be careful to watch the Naruto cosplay group! LOL
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