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Default Re: OC Cosplay Contest 2010?

I don't really agree that they won't fit. The world of manga and anime, with it's basis in japanese culture, have a certain vibe to it. when creating an OC which is put in a world akin of that of those commonly seen in manga and anime, it's very fitting.

OC's can be completely original, also in the world they are put in, but can also be an original character in an existing environment of some manga or anime.

might also depend on your definitions of OC and FC.
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Default Re: OC Cosplay Contest 2010?

Well Qianna, I'm not a staff member nor someone with a vast knowledge of every OC in the world but here's my 2 cents (and taking my OC as an example):

Since the cons in Holland (such as Abunai) are anime and Japan related, I don't see why a Original Character such as mine cannot be accepted in a con.
If someone wants to cosplay his/ her own Character (planning to do so in the future with some friends who also have OC's) on a con, fine by me! Okay, you won't reconized as quickly as with lets say Naruto, but if you spent time on the details and on the character, why not?

My character is a samurai (actually a ronin but not actually a ronin...He has a katana okay?!) and due to his (simple) clothing style (White kimono, red hakama, white obi, black bokken [wooden training sword]) he's easy to make and to "cosplay". And he falls under the "strict" rules of Japan related stuff.

Now let's take another example, let's take a summoner. (Also a character from my story, but someone thought of it this makes it that person's OC) She only wears black. Black robe, black shoes. All the way black. Nothing Japan related right? Then should we shun her because she isn't cosplaying? I say no... she's cosplaying with an OC...

Tl:dr: It's cosplay, not some complex LARP event that requires a certain style of clothing.
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Default Re: OC Cosplay Contest 2010?

Anime and manga have a certain style. Clothing is sometimes impossible, hair is exaggerated and mostly bright colours are used (it can be recognized very well). There's a big difference between Fantasy cosplays seen in fantasy fairs (dressing up/cosplay/costume) and those which are anime or manga related. If the original characters have an obvious japan related or anime vibe to it, it should be acceptable, but otherwise not.
In my opinion there should be drawn a line to what are anime original characters and what original characters do not belong at an anime con but at a fantasy fair...
Not to mention that there are enough Japan related possibilities for original characters (ranging form impossible anime/game costumes to lolita to visual kei, steampunk, original magical girl outfits, strange cute and brightly coloured monsters, kimono, geisha, samurai, mythical Japanese beings, scary oni, etc...).

If just any original character would be accepted, it could also be the obvious fantasy characters, original but based on fantasy and sci fi stories. The obvious beautiful fantasy fairies seen at fantasy fairs could come to the original character cosplay shows at anime cons and claim that this is anime? I'm just not very fond of mixing it all. As long as the characters are obviously based on anime- or manga- style drawings or stories by people, it would be good. Then they will fit, otherwise, Saniiro-san I would not agree with it fitting a convention for obvious anime and japan.

And sorry for my mixing up of fan characters and original characters.. XD

And Phant... Technically all costumes which one wears could be labeled "cosplaying". After all, it's costume playing, which means that everyone going to fantasy and sci-fi fairs are also cosplaying, just another genre and fit for another kind of location.. Even everyone putting on a costume at Carnaval could be labeled cosplaying, but since it's not Japanese one wouldn't call it that name. XD
As for the summoner... I wouldn't recognize it as an anime cosplay. Maybe for a fantasy fair, I don't know... But would she enter a fashion show with it? This is not about the entire con, just the fashion show. In my opinion there should be stricter rules for entering a fashion show for original characters than for characters walking around at the con... Fashion shows can have strict rules, but having rules for con-goers is a little strange and exaggerated.

I hope you guys understand my point. ^_^ You don't have to agree with me, just see that there are two sides to this original character idea. Besides, it's good that not everyone has the same opinion, otherwise the world would get so extremely boring. ^_^
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Default Re: OC Cosplay Contest 2010?

Maybe a idea to make it like a beauty pageant-ish meets inprof comedy .

Characters will be judged on.

* Looks (is the costume well made and interesting.)
To keep it short is the costume interesting to look at. Does it fit the character. like why do you have a sword if your the best gunner of the north.
Also if the costume is well made offcourse. Will it rip because your a princes Ai cloon.

* Personality
Do something like a deviant art meme. Ask silly questions like favourite food, ambitions and on what OS they run on. This is more interesting because it saves time reading all the source material.
Also do face off's between characters. like in a previous example the samurai and the summoner in black. Will they fight, have a cooking compo or will they flirt. maybe interact in a location or with a item like lama's. This way we can show so mush of a character. Like how they act and you get more interested in them.

I think these are the most important idea's in my opinion.

Maybe a free photoshoot or a comic about your OC by a great doujinshi artist.
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Default Re: OC Cosplay Contest 2010?

I just want to point out that I really like this idea. If this event will show up, I will be cheering on the 'cosplayers' from the crowd. I just really want to support this idea.

Also, on the point whether some OC's should or should not be able to enter this competition depending how the clothing of the character is, I also have an opinion.
I can imagine why someone would think something like: "That costume and character don't like from an anime or manga at all. What is it doing here?"
Still, at every convention I've been to I have seen people walking in costumes that are not anime or manga related. I see a lot of girls in Lolita, I sometimes see people wearing vampire outfits (that are fantasy related) or people from movies or cartoons like Batman.
My point is, not every cosplayer is cosplaying something that is related to an anime/manga. Yet, most of the cosplayers are related to anime/manga. If you are afraid that in the future you will see more fantasy cosplays at Abunai (because of this OC-event) instead of then 'Japan-related' cosplays, I can asure you that it won't happen.
In other words, I don't think it's relevent that people should look if the costume is 'Japan-related' at this OC-event and decide whether it can enter yes or no.
And yes, I've been to fantasy fairs before and I've seen how much different the costumes are comparing to the costumes wore on a convention.
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Default Re: OC Cosplay Contest 2010?

This is my version and it's a long one (I'll just post the 2LDR version, heh.)

My feeling on this is that most people attend for the atmosphere (read: gemoedelijke sfeer). Heck, we'll be getting the Koekiemonster this year, I say cheer for him, if he wants to stand in line all day, it's his call

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Default Re: OC Cosplay Contest 2010?

I do wonder where the line lies between convention-related cosplay and not.
As in Japan, people cosplay whatever character on their conventions as well.
*seen the pictures and movies on youtube*
So why should we be this strict when the original creators of our 'scene' aren't?

This year, I am cosplaying a... strange character.
From an online game, made by Americans, made into an 'artwork' by Koreans, which originally came from Japan.
Can you still follow?
Does this mean it's not con-related? So I shouldn't enter?
I disagree.
As long as it goes with the feeling of the con, why not?
Cosplaying is a free-spirited and open minded business, with some rules of course. But I wouldn't like to see the rules even stating what you can and can not cosplay.

I'd say: make it so it looks like something Japan related. Would it be something the peeps in Japan would make/love? Would it fit in an anime/manga?
If all these boxes are checked, than cosplay!
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Default Re: OC Cosplay Contest 2010?

im going as an OC just like my friend.

though we have a easy fitting .

our chars are mostly based on lollita/gothlollita.

and i bet there are enough others with original ideas that would fit in the con for sure.

so i think.its a great idea :3
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Default Re: OC Cosplay Contest 2010?

It warms my heart to see that people are taking this so well~!

That said, Rasha or Saniiro needs to give me a heads-up on how this will actually be integrated into the con, because it'll be merged with the Fashion Show now, if Rascha's mail to me is correct.. And all the information needed for that.
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Default Re: OC Cosplay Contest 2010?

What happends is that we accept OC signups for the Fashion show and will make it into a seperate category within the CFS (Cosplay Fashion Show) if we get enough signups for it (OC) (or simply have them go along with the regular signups if not).

I update the FAQ to better reflect this change.

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