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Default Jrock/Jpop suggestions

Hey all~

i thought let's make a thread for the Japanese rock and pop music often heard in Anime and ofcourse soundtracks and well known bands.

I can make a little list of my personal suggestions:

1. Versailles (Philharmonic Quintet): They are a well known Jrock band which have been in europe a few times (once in the Netherlands) they go major in 2007 and they are making Symphonic rock and sometimes soft metal. I think it's really unique and that they will give a new and maybe improved stream in the Jrock scene

2. Gackt: He is the ex singer of Malice Mizer which split up in 2000 (not exatly sure) but he took half the fanbase when he left Malize Mizer and so became a big Jpop star.

3. Yu(u)ki: (not sure about the spelling though) the one who came to Abunai this year. she hase a nice and soft voice and has a great personallity, she loved seeing so may cosplayers and Japanese culture fans all together, it was the biggest concert she gave. So she was really pleased, as were we ^^

if you have any other suggestions, name them and try to motivate your suggesion like i did in the above.

I am looking forward to see which bands there are and who knows, they might be a fan richer after reading and listening to them,

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Default Re: Jrock/Jpop suggestions

Well, next to these known bands, there are some more famous j-rock bands out there.
Girugamesh has become famous from the Sakura con ad on TV. They are a band that goes from normal j-rock to METAL!
UVERworld has made a couple of songs for famous anime such as Bleach & D.grey-man.
Maximum the Hormone has become famous for their Metal intro's for Death note. Most of their songs are Metal.

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Default Re: Jrock/Jpop suggestions

A few of my favorite artists are:

Haruka Shimotsuki - She sings alot of songs for games and Dōjin music. One of my favourite albums is Ashiato Rhythm
Yuki Kajiura - composed alot of music for anime OST's (.hack//sign, Noir, Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicle, Mai-HiME and more) and sung alot of songs, together with Chiaki Ishikawa as See-Saw, for GUNDAM Seed (Destiny)
HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR - songs for Bleach and GUNDAM Seed Destiny
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Default Re: Jrock/Jpop suggestions

I pretty much like almost every artist of the record label 'Lantis'. They sing quite a lot of songs for anime.

My most favourite Japanese artists are:
-JAM Project (and the solo works of it's members)
-Aqua timez (they did some songs for Bleach)
-Flow (best known for their Naruto songs I think)
-Kids Alive (I've came to know them thanks to the series Hikaru no Go)
-Megumi Hayashibara
-Nana Mizuki
-Psychic Lover
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Default Re: Jrock/Jpop suggestions

I like just about any band as long as their sound is nice.
but my personal favorites are:

- Miyavi
- Gackt (Already stated)
- Gazette
- Versailles (Already stated)
- Alice Nine
- HITT (Holding an Euro tour now )

well..... I know that one of them (For sure) did an opening for an Anime.
Which is Gazette with "Shiver" which isn't their best song.... but it ain't bad ;D
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Default Re: Jrock/Jpop suggestions

Miyavi, D'espairs Ray, Dir en Grey, Alice Nine, the Gazette, Malice Mizer, Antic Cafe, SuG...

/mind went blank/

I've been out of it/to busy lately to keep track and listen to everything, i knew so many more T3T
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jrock music jpop

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